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    magickalme posted:
    Can we all spell "scam"? Good, cause that is what "reliv" is. Pyramid, multi-level marketing, call it what you will....it is the same old crap of someone making money sellling you something you do not need. NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS, my butt. There is nothing in any of the Reliv products that you cannot get from eating a healthy diet. NO CURES. Same old make a shake, and make someone else rich on your dime.

    Each can or bottle of RELIV, depending on what you order, is more than $40.00.

    Remember MONAVIE? Same garbage. Different label, look and distributors. PPL who have MS and other chronic illnesses are often so desperate for help, they will do anything, or in these cases, buy anything that promises them help from symptoms.

    Please google the whole tamale, and read for yourself how bad this company 's history is with the FDA. And please, keep your $40.00 in your pocket and maybe go out to a nice dinner. You'll get more from that, than you ever will from RELIV.

    I am not a big fan of all the political machinations the FDA has behind its history, but this is one of those that make the mark, right off. Fake, fraud, posers, blogged testimonials that tout it as the next fountain of youth....and we all know how that one worked out.

    PPL, save your money. RELIV will happily take it, and you will still have the physical problems associated with your MS that you had before....except you will be rid of the extra weight $40.00 would put in your pocket.

    Common sense. RELIV that.

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