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    please read and offer your thoughts
    levatino posted:
    Hi everybody,

    I'm 31 years old and have had two periods of my life where I have had strong syptoms of MS. First was in 2005 when I woke up with blurred/blind vision in my left eye and numbness in my chest, arms & hands. I had an MRI and was told no signs of MS go home and after about 3 months it cleared up. Now for the past month I have had significant numbness and tingling from my waist down which is so bad it's difficult to walk. Also I have been having problems holding my bladder or problem starting a stream, plus difficulty in the sexual arena. I went to the doctor and they think it will all go away, no uti, no problems with my blood test and a normal back x-ray. Not really sure where to go from here.

    Would it be possible to not be diagnosed back in 05 and not have it reoccur until now?
    Do I sound crazy because that's how my doctor makes me feel?

    Not sure where to go next..please help.
    hackwriter responded:

    Yes it is possible to have a recurrence all these years later after a full remission. You must go back to your neurologist each time you have these symptoms to establish a history. It takes time to rule out other possible causes while MS is still on the table. Your doc should not stop at blood tests and x-rays, they should refer you to a specialist.

    If you haven't had an MRI since 2005 and you are experiencing neurological symptoms again, it is definitely time for another series of diagnostic tests. Brain and spine MRIs, an LP, and evoked potentials are the tests to determine MS.

    Keep a symptom log of all that you are experiencing and bring it to your appointment. You must become aggressive now and insist on seeing your neurologist. You aren't crazy and no one should make you feel that way. You need answers.

    It might take a long time to get answers, and the time to start pushing for them is now. Please let us know what you decide to do. We've all been there and can at least give you some support and encouragement.

    levatino replied to hackwriter's response:

    Thanks for your help. I saw my PCP today and he ordered another brain MRI but said it doesn't seem like MS to him. Not really sure what that means but we will find out.
    Neil S Lava, MD replied to levatino's response:
    It may be worthwhile seeing a neurologist at some point if your PCP is not able to come up with an answer for you.
    goldfinchie responded:
    Hi Levatino, I was told by Mayo clinic some 20 yrs. ago that I MAY have MS, wouldn't know for sure until I have new or more symptoms. I made the mistake of putting it on the back shelf, going about my life as normal. And now it has reared it's ugly head again. I had symptoms that were suttle but, I didn't recognise it as MS. Mostly cognative stuff. Guess I just thought I was a little slow. I'm 53 so, theres always the confusion wether things are part of the normal ageing process. I would advise getting to the bottom of this if possible. I can tell you I went to a neurologist first, gave him old Mayo records with old MRI results and new MRI's. Told him about numb foot and that I was really concerned about my memory. He asked me three questions like my age, my husbands name etc. Said he didn't see a problem. He sent me away saying he didn't see any new evidence that I had MS. What I didn't realize was that the office adjacent to his was a MS specalist! Why didn't he send me that direction??? Went home...realized things just weren't normal. Went to the specialist. Thank goodness I didn't take his word for it! Am now on Copaxone. Am still pretty confused about things I should avoid. I THINK I know but, hubby still thinks I should be the workhorse I always was and that keeping busy is good for me. I'd appreciate any advice anyone has on that subject. I wish you good luck.
    mmthlvr responded:
    In '05 I was tested for MS, had an mri of the brain but it was normal. The Dr I was seeing at the time was great & he said to keep track of my symptoms. I didn't really have any major symptoms untill '08. Unfortunately the Dr I was seeing passed away.

    My family Dr ordered another mri, this one had 3 lesions but my cervical & thorasic spine were clean. He sent me to an MS specialist who ran all the tests, his answer was lets wait & see. We will do another mri in a year.

    I started reading & learning as much I could about MS, the sooner you start treatment the better. I didn't want to wait & see so I went to another specialist, over 2 years I saw 4 differnt Dr's. Some wouldn't even listen, some made me feel like I was crazy. Finally last June I saw a Dr who actually listened, spent 3hrs with me on my 1st visit.

    She said just from the last mri & my worsening symptoms I had RRMS & ordered more mri's. The new one's showed 2 new ones on my brain & 1 on my thorasic spine. You didn't say if you have been to an MS specialist or not. If you haven't that's where you need to start. I wish you luck & please keep us informed. This site helped me a lot, it was very helpfull.
    mmthlvr replied to davidmuresan's response:
    Who are you? Do you have MS? Are you an MS Specialist?
    Heat can cause worsening of symptoms for those of us who have MS. I have to wear a cooling vest if the temps start getting into the mid 70's.
    levatino replied to Neil S Lava, MD's response:
    Dr. Lava,

    My brain MRI was normal, is MS something that could still be present even with a normal brain MRI? What should my next course of action be, the symptoms are still here.
    Rory26312 replied to levatino's response:
    Hi Levatino

    It is possible to have MS without brain liasions. Was your MRI with contrast , did you have the cervical and thorasic spines done.

    If the are all negative then a spinal tap or lumbar puncture is usually next followed by evoked potenials, all this testing should give a MS specialist enough information to make a dignosis one way or the other but there are no guarantees as sometimes false negatives do happen.

    Muzzkat replied to davidmuresan's response:
    You're correct about the fever being a body's way of fighting an infection. Increased heat stimulate white blood cells production of antibodies to attack the invading infection.

    Where you're wrong is: MS is an auto-immune disease (not infection) where this "attack" is already in motion. White blood cells attacking healthy tissue (demyelination). Your theory of keeping your body warmer is completely ignorant of facts! If this were true, you would see people suffering with MS also having high temperatures (fevers). This being due to their bodies trying to ward off the disease.

    Personally, I find your 'insights' to be quite offensive. You have a right (I guess) to keep posting on here. I feel I speak for many when I say please take your opinions somewhere else.
    They say: MS, you don't get it unless you got it. Well...I still don't get it! ;^)
    SammySlonger replied to Muzzkat's response:
    In reading his favorite quote on Facebook, I totally understand where he gets his ideas from!!!!

    "Over 2, 000 years ago "the famous Greek physician, Parmenides, stated 'give me a chance to create fever, and I will cure any disease."
    hackwriter replied to SammySlonger's response:
    Sammy, Muzzkat,

    Very good insights, thanks to you both for posting. This kind of debate is what newbies will learn from--and what us old-timers need as a refresher course.

    Using Mr. Mureson's position as a foil to further clarify the nature of our illness and how it manifests, is, in my opinion, one of the best things you can possibly do in this venue.

    I hope to read more of your thoughts, you guys are great. You, too, Tammy! Love ya.

    An appreciative fan,

    mmthlvr replied to hackwriter's response:
    Way to go, I was having a bad day & should have thought about what I was saying. They recently changed my job that I love & have been doing for 12 years.I'm having all kinds of problems trying to learn all the new stuff.

    I asked them it was better to leave me where I was but they didn't get it. I know it's whats in their best interest not mine. I think I'm getting close to disability any way. guess i'll just have to wait & see.
    mmthlvr replied to Muzzkat's response:
    I really like your quote " They say you don't get MS" I think the polls are more annoying.
    Always14989 replied to davidmuresan's response:
    To Davidmuresan:

    Please give us a break! Just because some of us have cognitive issues does not mean we are stupid! Both heat and cold are bad for me, and others as well I'm sure!

    I'm sure your inventions are wonderful but please stick to that! The only one more more relevant to explain MS symptoms than as MS specialist is someone that lives it every day!

    I read and believe that MS can have up 60 different symptoms!

    Yikes! Don't we have enough to worry about with so many things going wrong with us?


    Al(ways appreciate help and understanding) But don't feel much from you!

    PS And the heat wave is kicking my butt this summer.
    So much for your "keeping warm" theory!

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