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    Can someone answer a question I have regarding MS
    Marly26 posted:
    Hi there! My name is Marly. I was put on Humira (Embrel) for Plaque/Psoriatic Arthritis over a year ago now. I have had back problems prior to due to injury. Apparently Humira can cause MS. At this time of writing my fingers' swell, burning sensation in one hand periodically. I have pain everywhere in my body, neck,arms, tingling from the knee down to my toes as well as severe cramping after I get in bed or prior to. The pain that I am writing about is quite severe even more so now in my back. I am tired all the time, low energy level, and at times' get a boost of energy and can get my hoursework done. I am sure that there is someone (member) on WebMD that could possibly let me know when they found out about their MS, what symptoms did you have. I am getting desperate, mood swings up.down. Vision is somewhat impaired at times though not always.
    I am waiting to see a Rheumatologist in February 2012. Pls. help if you are able. Tks. so much, Marly
    hackwriter responded:

    Humira can cause neurological side effects in some patients but it doesn't cause Multiple Sclerosis. Having both diagnoses is quite rare.

    Only a neurologist can diagnose MS with brain and spine MRIs, a lumbar puncture, evoked potential tests, and a clinical determination.

    You might not want to wait until February to see your Rheumatologist if you are experiencing these neurological symptoms. Hope you can find some relief soon.

    hackwriter replied to hackwriter's response:
    Here's an addendum to my previous post:

    The article below states that some drugs for rheumatic diseases can cause MS-like demyelinating syndromes.

    Marly26 replied to hackwriter's response:
    Thank you so much for your reply. As for seeing a Rheumatologist any earlier I dont' honestly think that is going to happen unless my Family Physician can get me in sooner than the Dermatologist. I know having both diagnoses is rare and again I'm really not sure what it is that I am experiencing other than pain which is something I only ever had in my back. Now it has taken over from neck to toe. Just lately I have been losing vision in one eye almost as though a migraine is coming, lasts a couple of hrs. then goes away. Quite unusual. Myself I am not hoping/wishing to find out that it could possibly be MS. It would be quite a shock and I honestly dont' know what my reaction to this would be. The only other disease that seems to mimic what I am feeling as well is Fibromyalgia. To be honest I am lost and just want answers'. After being a person to do anything I wanted to, and now to this I can't tell you how depressing this is. Thank you again for your comment, it is much appreciated.
    Lolagrant replied to hackwriter's response:
    OK, so this is the second time that I have heard that a MS and RA diagnosis is "rare". I have been diagnosed with both, but I will admit I do question the RA. However, the RA factor was present in blood tests thus the Dx and I am not sure how you can deny that, right? It is VERY frustration not knowing what symptoms are presented by what Dx. And whom do I call? Having strange pain in by hands and wrists and RA Dr doesn't believe it is RA without either redness, swelling or hotness. I did just start on Gabapentin and am looking forward to some relief, and hopefully without the side affects.

    Do you, or anyone else out there, have more info about the dual diagnosis?
    hackwriter replied to Lolagrant's response:

    You should contact Lisa Emrich on the MS forum at with those questions. She is a patient advocate on the site who is very knowledgeable about having both RA and MS; she has both diagnoses and does extensive research on both diseases.

    Tell her Kim from WebMD sent you


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