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    everything sounds extra loud?
    rikilynn1982 posted:
    It seems I may be in the midst of a relapse (a bit of self diagnosing here as I can't get into the doc until after the new year). Among many symptoms that have popped up over the last two weeks are lots of spots in my vision, tingling on the top of my head, muscle spasms, and increased fatigue.

    Now, it seems like every little noise is amplified significantly. Even the sound of the heater kicking on seems super loud. I've never had this symptom before. Does this "sound" like an MS thing?

    hackwriter responded:

    I've experienced hearing loss since being diagnosed with MS and had it worsen temporarily during a relapse--but my neuros have denied any link to MS. I was skeptical of that assessment since I knew it was possible to have inflammation and demyelinating damage in an area that affects our auditory nerves. About five percent of PwMS are reported to have experienced hearing problems.

    Hypersensitive hearing can also be a result of brainstem or auditory nerve damage, but I don't think there have been any studies done on this.

    Here are a couple of links I found about what you are experiencing:

    An MS thing? I'm guessing your doctor won't have a clear-cut answer for that. About your other symptoms: If your vision, fatigue and muscle problems have been worse for two weeks, that certainly puts a relapse up there as a big possibility.

    Please let us know what you find out after your next appt.

    readyfordx replied to hackwriter's response:
    I also experience everything sounding loud...and I can not seem to tolerate alot of people talking at one makes me feel very frustrated that all the voices seem to run together and is too loud..I also experience a cricket sound noise in my ears 24/7...very frustrating
    Cactibabe1 replied to hackwriter's response:
    Your the second person that I heard of having this attack of hearing. My mother was a care taker and she worked for a women over 60 who had a MS take her hearing a few years before. She was refusing to tell the registry incase her drivers license was revoked. She had over 3 car accidents since her senses were off center. You may be able to find out more from the MS Society or other MS group web pages under symptoms. Do a web search also and you need a steroid med treatment. I hope yours can be resolved.

    If your local doctors is not able to help try another and see if there is a MS Center that you can go to. Your not alone and there wonderful support on this blog site. We care... Stay in touch. Good luck.

    rikilynn1982 replied to Cactibabe1's response:
    Ahhh!!! I totally forgot to mention this at my appointment today. I was so focused on other things, I completely forgot about it. I know I'm supposed to make a list of my symptoms. I did, but this got left off of that too. I guess it's just not as bothersome as my other symptoms.

    Anyway, doc says that despite my new symptoms, he would still classify my disease as stable. Good news I suppose. No new MRI without approval from the indian clinic and they're pretty stingy with their money if it's not an emergency. He said that while my disease is stable, the new symptoms are a reminder that the disease is still there, active, and not going away.

    However, after talking with the doc today, I'm applying to participate in a phase 3 trial for a new med. If I get in to the trial then I'll get a new MRI and the trial will pay for it, so we won't have to worry about the "system" that exists within the Indian Health Services programs.

    For the first time since my diagnosis 6 years ago, I did not cry or even tear up at my appointment. I consider that a win!

    Hope you all are well
    lepman responded:
    Noises are a big problem for me as well....Makes my eyes bounce and I get a kind of giddy feling or sensation from it ....some days are worse than others and even my own voice can cause it to happen on my bad days....But every time I tell the Doc's about it they start thinking a manieers problem and ask if I have been tested for it...Then they look at my test results and say Oh.. thats been ruled out already hasent it...
    Cactibabe1 responded:
    It is hard to say with MS if it is a new symptom. As MS states they are multiple so we do not know and it so stressful. The neuro may be the best person to tell you. If not try to get to a MS Center if you get no answers and do an email search as well.What helps the most is have great doctors from primary to neurologist that work together on your individual treatment and diagnoses. I also have issues with loud noise and sounds. I live in apts that are student housing. I have not found one yet that is affordable or peaceful as of yet. I am not a student. The blasting of music late nights gets to me. I also cannot take some loud music shows and talking. I cannot take the loud trucks picking up trash, working on road or train passing at night. What helps me is a sound diffuser my first one was by Sound Screen that did white noise high or low. Last year I wanted one that I could choose the sound type and control the volume. I did not wish to spend a fortune. I found a good one by Conair. There are many sold now. Thanks for sharing this with us. Sometimes many of us with MS think the odd symptoms are just happening to us alone. By sharing, we find out, we are not alone.

    Thanks J

    Cactibabe1 replied to rikilynn1982's response:
    This is great news. Stress makes it worse. We cannot help feeling low over MS. Sometimes too much comes at us from it. Hang in there and stress with us we understand. Please keep sharing. Catibabe
    Cactibabe1 replied to lepman's response:
    The worse thing is when doctors do not listen and shrug off what we are going through. If your not getting the answers or support you may have to change doctors. I have many times over the years. Especially if a med may be too bad for you to take. The good thing is the MS Centers do listen or a Hosp that has MS departments. Many work with current doctors. If I did not go to the MS Center I would have lost it over the non stop hives. I am now Hive free but relapsing from not being on meds for so long. My immune system is so low I may have to redo childhood shots before starting the a new med.

    All of you are my MS family. We get how you feel. Humor helps also. Somtimes you just have to laugh. My Mom called me her Tiny Tim from xmas Carol, when I got MS. I named my first cane Tiny Tim. Cactibabe:-)

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