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    is this a symptom of MS?
    heathera29 posted:
    I'm not sure if this is a symptom of MS, I have not been diagnosed yet but i have had 4 E.R dr's tell me my symptoms are MS like. anyway i have a new symptom pop up and it's awful! i started getting numbness in my hands and it moves up my arm then i get dizzy and everything is all foggy. last week i was outside and all the above happend,the dizziness went away so i just kept on walking(bad idea) i started to go up the stairs and it was like my feet would not move at all(THIS IS THE NEW SYMPTOM) but my brain was saying walk! luckily i caught myself but scraped up my leg pretty good.
    after that happend i felt "off" for a couple days. could that be a symptom of MS? also writing anything is getting harder i can write a couple sentences then i have to quit because then my writing isn't that legible anymore.

    hackwriter responded:

    What you have described has certainly happened to many of us with MS. Numbness, dizziness, brain fog, trouble walking especially on stairs, suddenly collapsing while walking, arm and hand clumsiness.

    If you haven't already, you should see a neurologist for a full workup. This would include a physical exam to test your reflexes, strength and coordination, as well as brain and spine MRIs and a lumbar puncture.

    I hope you will get some answers soon. Please keep us updated. And please be careful.

    heathera29 replied to hackwriter's response:

    thanks for the reply. i have been dealing with everything but the falling for 3 yrs i have had 2 MRI'S and they didn't show anything and my dr basically blew me off. i can't afford the cost for another MRI,the last two cost me 2000 out of pocket.I will definatly be looking into a neurologist, i will start looking tonight.
    ghosthunter001 responded:
    I have been diagnosed it was in 1998, I have done really well so far but I think you should ask your doctor to do a blood work up. After so many MS episodes we found that some of mine were actually TIA's as I have a rare blood disorder. It's a clotting issue called Plasminogen Activator Prohibitor. Some of the things I thought were contributed to my MS was actually caused by the blood disorder. I know what it is like to walk from memory because your body doesn't feel it and the shooting pains are no fun either. I look at the pain as a good thing, if I can feel it I can still use it. When people are going through the long process of diagnosis I don't think they realize it can be more than one issue. What you have described does sound like some of the same things I have dealt with. Keep your chin up, they are doing better things for us all of the time.
    doggsbone replied to heathera29's response:
    dont get discourged i have had 12 mris and 6 cat scans 3 lumbar punctures muscle biopscie over the last 4 years and they are just now getting somewhere so i know it sucks but try to have patience they will find it just dont give up
    doggsbone replied to hackwriter's response:
    hey hackwriter you really seem to know what you are doing think i can get some advice on how to deal with the day to day
    hackwriter replied to doggsbone's response:
    Dear doggsbone,

    Are you new to this site? Even if you're not new, you might want to create a new discussion post and tell us your story, that way we'd get some context, get to know you better, and you'd stand a better chance of getting more responses. Looking forward to learning more about you and your situation.

    doggsbone replied to hackwriter's response:
    thank you kim i will and i am james by the way

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