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    NanaJudy6 posted:
    Well again all tests were normal..not that I am wanting something to be wrong but I know it is and I want to know what I am dealing with. Normal LP..Normal VEP, Normal MRI (data only) of the gray matter. So, we continue to wait.

    Will see the immunologist/rheumatologist again for the blood results of mega tests on 06/11 so we will see what he has to say. I feel like everyone is thinking that I am a hypocondriac(spelling?) but I know how I feel and most of the time that is lousy. Neuro did ask me to start taking Cymbalta and relunctantly I agreed and my feet (nerve pain) and stiffness felt better the next day and I also slept better. At this point, I am willing to just treat the symptoms. I feel a little foggy but I felt that way anyway, it just makes it more foggy and dizzy, nauseated, etc. but I think the longer I take the cymbalta, it will become more tolerable.

    I will go back to the neuro in August and have another MRI..the symptoms are getting worse and I dont know what that means but I am hangin on and treating all I can with a crap load of meds that I dont really want to take but I dont see any other alternative. Neuro told me that sometimes some people who have MS symptoms are never diagnosed because they do not meet the criteria set forth by insurance co because med is so expensive..and she has a lot of patients that are in that category..they just treat the symptoms..

    Sad that we have to live our lives within guidelines set by the government and insurance companies..drs hands are tied to those regulations and it has to be very frustrating to them to not be able to treat patients like they want to. This is a whole other story for another day.

    Do any of you have TMJ problems and do you get sleepy when driving..these are two new issues I am dealing with right now.
    hackwriter responded:
    Hi, Judy,

    Sorry to hear you remain in limbo with a dx, but glad to hear that Cymbalta is giving you some relief.

    I have TMJ and fixed most of the pain issues with a bite splint and five crowns many years ago. I get jaw pain from time to time, often when my overall muscle spasticity increases, and whenever I develop facial numbness and weakness and an accompanying headache. When I first discussed my medical history with my diagnosing neuro, he nodded knowingly after I told him I have a history of TMJ and childhood migraines. I have a feeling there is an MS connection there.

    Don't know whether I still grind my teeth in my sleep, but I do sometimes catch myself clenching during my waking hours. I should wear a bite splint, but I discarded the original one years ago when my symptoms disappeared. Too expensive to replace.

    The last time I got sleepy while driving, it turned out to be the start of a flare and I immediately began a steroid burst and taper. That knocked it out and I haven't been sleep-driving since.

    Have you talked to your doc about narcolepsy meds? Or something like Provigil or Nuvigil to keep you alert? If you're often sleepy while driving, you should have some treatment options.

    NanaJudy6 replied to hackwriter's response:
    Hey Kim: no I haven't told her yet about the sleepy feeling when driving but I will to see what she has to say about it.



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