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    Hot Sweats any one ???
    Newby001 posted:
    Is anyone experiencing hot flashes. They generally occur when I am walking. I feel like I put so much effort in trying to walk normal, because people look at you like you are a freak. I guess I should use the grocery store disable cart, but I want to let a person who is unable to stand or walk have those. But by the time I make it to the counter to check out, it's crowded and I am sweating like a pig. It doesn't matter where my pain level is either. I refuse to give up, even when that is probably what's best at some points. If I can put one foot in front of the other, I don't care how slow I move, go the heck around me!!!! is my attitude. To day is not a good day, even on Medrol, it's raining. And I can not for the life of me control God....
    hackwriter responded:
    Dear Newby,

    We do seem to share the stubborn gene, lol. I also refuse to use the store scooters and will sometimes squat down to retrieve an item from a bottom shelf, only to get stuck down there, unable to raise myself to a standing position. After a minute or so, I climb up my cane, very slowly, until I'm upright again. Pole dancers have nothing over me, lol.

    My face gets terribly warm and sweaty at night if I don't sleep with a fan blowing directly on it. Same goes for hot, humid weather, I've got to have A/C and a fan blowing on my face at all times.

    I've had MS since 1999, and started using a cane in 2009. This year I've started using wheelchair service at the airport. That's the only time I'll use that kind of assistance. I guess we all have our moment of truth about such things.

    Newby001 replied to hackwriter's response:
    You're a I am fighting this tooth and nail. Thanks to my new handicapable car tag I can park upfront at the store. There should be places to sit down in most stores don't you think. It's like they are against people with disabilities shopping. By the time I get to the check out I am sweating bullets and they have the nerve to ask do I want help out with the stuff.
    catherineanntatar responded:
    I have had MS since 1999 (started Avonex} in 2006 I started tsyabri because Ms was rapidly progressing.I stopped working as a nurse in 2005 due to increased leasions and short term memory loss.I hate the wheel chair carts.but at times they are a nessity now.I still try not to use them.but,the sweating gets me hair gets so wet it looks like I was in the shower.Once i had them at night<I was so tired,I had a incontent bladder episode and was very dazed and confused.very sweaty.I felt like if I did not pee the bed I would have died in my sleep.As I sit here now it's almost 11 pm and I am very hot and sweating.I do notice if I go into a cold pool for about 30 minutes they stop for a period of time.also the aches and pains leave.walking in cold water is wonderful.but be prepared it does not last for long an hour or to at the most.but,decreases sweating episodes.and increases the muscle pain if you over do it.I use it as my relief when I think I cannot take anymore.It makes me feel like my old self for a short time.I never hated having MS but I do now.I hate my limitation it forces on me and the weight gain I cannot control.I am 53 and 170lbs.the only time I weighed this much is when I was pregnant with my daughter 24 years ago.taking a cold shower does not help me.the energy I use makes me sweat more.more MRI's done by neurologist and dr. but not sure there's much they can do.the pool is my salvation.hope this helps you.~~~only a cold water pool will help.heated pools work the oposite.I cannot wait for winter cause sitting on my porch in the cold winter air does wonders for the sweats also.
    catherineanntatar replied to catherineanntatar's response:
    tysabri ~sorry for spelling errors.
    Newby001 replied to catherineanntatar's response:
    Thank you Catherine...I am 8/24/2012 diagnosed after having all the symptoms for three years and threating medical fraud if I was not treated appropriately for this problem. I too spent all summer in the swimming pools and loved the fact that I could actually move without pain in the water. The hot sweats continue and at least I know now it not just menopause. I don't like the fact that the doctors treat you like they don't know what they are doing. That's scary when you are looking at their diploma's on the wall. I am guessing at what to expect and digging through the internet to find answers. I am a single parent who can not afford to quit working. And I work in the Middle East, where taking muscle relaxers will disqualify me for my job. I appreciate all the information you have shared with me, it helps and I am greatful for this community.

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