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    Doctors won't refer me for MRI, have almost every symptom of MS
    Jaymed posted:
    Hi, I just joined web md, as I'm trying desperately to figure out what to do next. I live in Halifax, Canada and I am hoping someone in canada can help me ( as our medical system REQUIRES a referral to a neurologist) I have had mysterious health concerns for years now, blood work, urinalysis, stool samples, repeat bloodwork, everything except for an MRI, and nothing is abnormal. Aprox. 3 years ago, I had what I thought was a bladder infection( extreme urgency to urinate, and then bladder almost never emptying), with a clean urinalysis. This has come and went several times, and sometimes lasts for months on end. I'm constantly dizzy( feeling like I'm on an elevator sometimes, and other times like the room is spinning). I'm completely uncoordiated and clumsy, constantly dropping things, and have times where it gets really bad to the point where I cant write( my handwriting comes out jerky and messy) and my left side of my body is so shaky that I drop every thing, I cant even cook because I'm so shaky on that side. Along with this I've had irritable bowel for 3 yrs or so ( sometimes almost dissapearing, and other times coming back more intensely for weeks on end) I almost always have a dull headache. I get bad ones that last for weeks, and the occasional migraine that I've had to go to ER for ( on IV pain killers until it subsides) Most alarming is my left foot has been numb for aproximately a year and a half. It is always a little numb, but goes through phases where it is so numb and tingly that it is difficult to walk. My vision gets blurry a lot with a blackish "fuzz" to it, it comes and goes without warning as well.This time it has lasted for weeks, accompanied with a headache and dizziness for weeks, as well as I'm shakier and clumsier than ever.My short term memory has taken a downward spiral the last year and a half ( about the time since the numbness started) . I went to my family doctor a couple weeks ago, because my symtoms are becoming increasingly alarming, especcially the blurriness to my vision. My doctor referred me to an internist, and I got in within a few days. The internest pretty much dismissed everything I said, asked if I had any suspicions, and when I said that the last week or so I've done my own research, and everything seems to point towards something neurological, and that I think an MRI would be appropriate to check for MS or another neurological symtom, he pretty much laughed at me, did a neurolgical exam, and said NOTHING I described sounds like anything to do with MS! And gave me a prescription for sleeping pills, and a requisition to check basic blood work, that I literally had checked a month ago, and its all fine! I am completely frustrated. I have had every other kind of test done the last few years, but they won't order an obvious MRI, or refer me to a neurologist. My family doctor thought a general internist would be better to see what their opinion would be, and as I said that was a disaster. Now my family doctor won't send me to a neurolgist, as he said he trusts the opinion of the Internist that doesnt think I need one. I really want to know if there is any other way to get in to see a neurologist, or where I can go to get referred to one. I know that if I go to walk in clinics they are going to send me for the same basic bloodwork that has already been shown to be fine dozens of times.

    Other background info: I have insomnia, so I have been on 100mg trazodone for years. I am also on 10 mg of celexa( minimal dose) I am on the minimum dose of celexa, as I was sick of my doctor saying maybe these where "side effects" I weaned down, and then he said "maybe its withdrawal symptoms" so I stayed at 10mg. I do have minor depression, but I go to a counselor, and have gone to a phycologist, and they have ruled out any phsycological disorders, my counselor believes my main issue is no one is getting to the bottom of my health concerns.

    Any advice?
    Jaymed responded:
    I forgot to mention, I am extremely fatigued whether I get a good sleep or not, my symptoms ( whichever ones are flaring up at the time) get way worse if I dont sleep well, I am completely unable to function without a good sleep, as my coordination, balance, and light sensitivity become impossible to deal with, I would probably be arrested for looking like I am drunk!
    mjolnir761 replied to Jaymed's response:
    Jaymed, take what I am about to tell you very seriously. You don't have MS. You have systemic Candidiasis. Fungemia. Candida. If you've ever had antibiotic therapy, steroid therapy or hormonal drugs, it could cause this. This is a hidden silent epidemic that needs to be brought out in the open. Doctors live off of the symptoms and call you crazy for having so many symptoms. Please spend a day on wikipedia and many other sites checking the symptoms. They even have tests you can take to evaluate you. It sounds like a chronic yeast infection. Candida.
    mjolnir761 responded:
    Candida. It's broken out of your gut and become systemic. It's known as leaky gut. Candida Albicans is the most common form. I have it.

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