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    Could it be MS?
    An_249249 posted:
    I'm pretty new to all of this and I don't know much about the disease, other than it's neurological and affects the nervous system. I've had symptoms that appear and go away for the past few months/past year. I'm 29 now. I've just started the diagnosis process and I'm not sure what to expect. I'll just dive into it, I guess. My symptoms are as follows:

    -slight memory loss (sometimes I have to re-think half way through a sentence)
    -gastro-intestinal syptoms that resemble IBS (gastro-interologist could not find anything definitive so assumed may be IBS)
    -headaches (resembling tension headaches) with numbness/tingling on right side of head/face
    -occasional minor twitch/stutter on R side as well if I talk too fast (sometimes repeating words to get them out as I stumble over it)
    -numbness/tingling in my toes
    -dizziness/occasional loss of vision (that I thought was just I stood up too quickly, perhaps)
    -dropping things more frequently

    I went to primary care dr today and she first mentioned they could all be related to something neurological since my biological mom had MS (she passed away before I found my biological family.....can't remember if she passed specifically from MS or not). She wants to run several tests to rule out vitamin deficiency, etc. She also thought it could be migranes (I also have a history of pulmonary embolism from birth control pills a few years more hormone anything since). So, everything is just speculation at this point but given my genetics and after doing some reading it would make sense if it is MS. Again, those symptoms aren't present all the time and just minor when they do appear (except the IBS symptoms, those can can be he worst).

    Does anyone have ideas, suggestions, etc for me? From what I understand this could be a really really long road..... For a while I thought I was going crazy....even my OB/GYN checked for possible ovarian cancer, as that can present similar symptoms as IBS in it's early stages.....all good there.
    MSlife responded:
    I was being treated for endometriosis when I started having numbness and spinning feelings. I was 30 my GP whom I trust said that I was at prime age for a lot of things. I had an MRI and a spinal to confirm. I can tell you that you need to find out the sooner the better, MS for me is in my face every day my body is not winning this battle and MS affects everything for me. My bladder, bowels memory, vision, pain and loss of sensation in my trunk. You need to have an MRI and a spinal to confirm if it is MS,

    Good Luck I hope that it is not MS it is a terrible disease! .
    hackwriter responded:
    Dear An_,

    Your symptoms could be caused by any number of things besides MS, and it sounds like your doc is on the ball and digging for the answers.

    People who have an immediate family member with MS only have a 1%-3% chance of developing it themselves. (See the Q & A section in the right side bar on this page.) Even if you have the biomarkers for MS, there are environmental factors that must be present to activate the disease.

    My only advice is to stay the course and get all the tests your doc recommends; this will be a process of elimination and it might take some time. The tests for MS include brain and spine MRIs, a neurological exam, a lumbar puncture, and evoked potentials.

    I hope it isn't MS, but if it is, there are lots of treatments available now and a wide selection of support communities such as this. Feel free to come here any time with your questions and concerns.


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