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    Family history, strange symptoms but I'm only 18
    JordanaDG posted:
    My family has five or six people recently, with diagnosed MS. I don't know what kind of MS they are however. Recently my Doctor did my physical, and ran my blood work, and I have Hyperthyroidism. She asked if there was a family history, and I thought "No." but, my mom spoke up and said that my family members with MS had it. That those were some of the early symptoms they had. Well as you can imagine, my inner hypochondriac was enthralled with the idea, terrified.

    I waited it out a few months and I was fine, and the idea had come and go, and I was onto my next possible medical condition. I have at least one or two migraines a month, and got myself prepared the one day. I had never, felt such excruciating pain than that. Being in the boonies, nobody heard me until my Aunt came down to visit. She came running into the house, and was going to call the ambulance but no less than 2 minutes after she got in the house and noticed, it stopped. I was exhausted. She was noticeably worried and I told her I was okay. She proceeded to tell me that I looked like I was going into unconsciousness and I'd wake up screaming.

    I went to my Doctor, and mentioned what happened, she said it was likely just a bad migraine. I agreed it was likely that, but since then in the following months, I have had some strange symptoms some of which I've had before but have escalated since.
    • extreme fatigue, yet insomnia tendencies
    • recent blurred and double vision requiring prescription changes around every two months
    • pretty severe tremors and shakes
    • muscle spasms and involuntary body twitches
    • numbness in pinky and ring finger on left hand (before episode) now moved up to partially up to my wrist
    • joint aches and pains in knees, wrists, ankles, shoulders
    • full numbness (then that pins and needles feeling) in my left arm consistently and now my one or both of my legs, and while walking, causes me to go arse over tea kettle
    • constant dizziness and fainting (not BP related said the Doctor)
    • unable to pronounce words properly, and mom says I'm slurring pretty badly now, where it sometimes is hard to understand me
    • hearing problems
    • exhaustion with every day activities
    • extreme muscle weakness (previously being a fire fighter, 80-100lbs was nothing, now holding a cup of coffee hurts, and exhausts me)
    • recent clumsiness (dropping things, tipping things over, running into things I know are there, tripping over myself, falling down stairs -yes, not as awesome as the stuntmen in movies make it- tripping up stairs)
    • the one that may have gotten me the worst however, I always sing and hum songs around our house and mom stopped me one day and looked at my pupils, asking if I was okay. Apparently now, I can no longer carry a song and start changing songs halfway through, she is worried about minor memory loss kind of thing.

    I don't know if I am over thinking it, but they are such an interference that my prospective career in emergency services seems to be an impossibility. I just was always told that it typical begins in your 30's. My life has gone downhill in the past 3 months, and I don't know if my symptoms relate to anyone here?

    I'm just concerned, and if I do have it, I want to do what I can to slow it down, learn what I can do preserve my health and the person I am. Seeing my family members with it, they tell me all of their struggles and how they have lost themselves to it. My family who has it thinks that its a good possibility, but I just want to get an external view of the situation. I don't want to bother my Doctor if its not plausible from the amount of times I've seen her this month from appointments. Please give me some insight and advice.

    I would also like to apologize if this post seems foolish or irritating, I'm just scared. From family history, and members of my family who have it are concerned about my symptoms, I worry.

    Thank you,
    Rory26312 responded:
    HI Jordana

    M.S. symptoms can turn up as early as eighteen and given the family history it is worth checking out.

    That been said so is your hypertyhroidism as it may be causing some of your symptoms.

    I would say to get the M.S. work up done by a neuro and if it is M.S. then get started on a treatment plan . If it is not M.S. then try to figure out what it is and treat that.

    As for not bothering your doctor ,it is their job to treat you or at least refer you to someone who can. The hard truth is that you have to advocate for yourself when some thing is wrong with you or doctors will just write a script ,maybe ignore you all together .

    One thing for sure is that an eighteen year old should, not go from been fireman fit to where you are in three months so something is wrong.

    Get it checked into and let us know how you are doing.

    5367cobblestone responded:
    Please research Lyme disease, often mis-diagnosed as MS and other diseases because the symptoms are so similar. ( Called the latest, greatest imitator) I was mis-diagnosed for 20 years and the infection(s) are in the advanced stages. The symptoms you describe are consistent with Lyme disease, the #1 vector borne disease in the US. It exists in 50 states of the US and 65 countries. It is the most mis-understood, under-diagnosed, under-treated, mis-diagnosed diseases of all time. Contrary to beliefs, it is not easy to diagnose, treat, manage or cure. Goggle the documentary: Under Our Skin or begin doing research on: ; ; Please, don't delay. This is in epidemic proportions in many states. My entire family has Lyme and co-infections transmitted by infected ticks. I am an RN.
    IrmaB responded:
    Hi there, no problems on the long comments... I agree with seeing a neurologist to recommend or refer that you get an MRI (that's the scan to show if your brain has 'patches' or scarring, the 'Sclerosis'...). My first symptoms were my inability to walk straight, some stiffness, and having a headache for a week that wouldn't go away... now after dealing with my MS, I don't let myself get stressed out and, thankfully, I can still work! I take weekly injections of Avonex, most of the time, I get quarterly 3-day/5-6 hrs of IV-drips of Prednisolone, I take Amantadine and a new script called Ampyra twice a day. (Read abut them, ask your doc or neuro about them) My advice is also to get a second opinion always too (I switched and got a Neurologist who was older, highly recommended, and knew more about MS than the Fellow/Intern I got stuck with when I first diagnosed--sorry got a flashback !) - Irma

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