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    I am looking for help
    andysangel posted:
    I have all of these symptoms M.S.since I was 22 years old, I am not 39. I suffer with so much pain that the "pain clinic" doctor that I go to won't change the meds I am on, when I tell them what is going on with my body it is brushed off or I am told that it is just in my head and several times I have been told that I am just there to keep the "PAIN PILLS" I left there crying, feeling like there is not hope. I just want to be able to motivate and live a full 8 hours without getting tired and weak - out of energy, to able to get out of bed most days... to be able to sweep the floor or go for a ride in the car with my hubby. Going to the doctor is a challenge alone.
    I been told it could be this or that but for some reason I feel that the doctors are just guessing. The doctors that I have been to has not really looked at the MRI and CAT SCAN or even done all the blood test that could be done. No, I have not had a spinal tap done.
    The burning in my feet and legs, sharp jabbing pain running through my body (at times) numbness in the limbs and I'm always cold, my husband and I don't even sleep in the bed anymore because I have to have the heating pad on my feet and it makes the bed to hot for him. My eyes hurt and my head hurts often only on the right side though.
    I have changed my diet, I do exercises to keep my muscles working but they still feel cramped and weak.
    hackwriter responded:
    Dear andysangel,

    Whenever a doctor tells you it's all your head, that means they are not interested in investigating further. And if your doctors are speculating about possible causes but are not following up with tests to try and solve the puzzle, then it's time to get new doctors.

    We all have to advocate for ourselves, get assertive and demanding, and insist that we be taken seriously. Doctors work for us, they are our consultants and advisors. Stay calm and rational, and make notes to take with you to an appointment based on a symptom log you have created. If you can do that, they might be less apt to write you off as hysterical and unreliable. It doesn't always work, but it will keep you focused.

    Only a neurologist is qualified to test you for MS, have you seen one yet? Spastic leg muscles can be treated with a muscle relaxer such as baclofen, you don't need a diagnosis to be given symptom meds. Nerve pain can be treated with anti-seizure meds such as Lyrica.

    You've got to find a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who will take you seriously and will set up referrals to specialists. Your symptoms are general enough to be caused by any number of medical conditions, so your PCP should be doing preliminary blood work and giving you a clinical exam as a jumping off point.

    I hope you'll make some progress soon, please keep us in the loop.

    andysangel replied to hackwriter's response:
    Thank you for replying to me. I talk to them as calm and assertive tone until they start making me feel like i'm in the way and then my husband takes over in the same tone, due to the fact my anxiety starts to kick in and hubby knows to give me a second to get control of that or I pass out. I am on muscle relaxers and gabapentin 3600mg a day and zanaflex 3 times a day 4mg. and along lortab 10 5 times a day and tremadol 50mg 4 times ( rotating those). I take my notes to every appointment, it's don't even get looked over or read by the doctor and my concerns are just brushed off! when I get demanding or even when my hubby asks the doc they get up and walk out of the room and says they don't have time for this that there are to many others to see and then sends in a P.A. that just gives my paperwork to take to desk. These doctors here in my area see that I am on MEDICAID and treats me like I don't matter. My PCP changes often because of the MEDICAID. the one that would listen move to another state because the laws confining doctors to help the people the way their schooling taught them to. I have had a doctor to sit long enough and listen and find the root of the problem.
    Yes I have had problems with high blood pressure, sugar. At one time my ancesters problems were to blame like aurthitis, heart problems and strokes. (sorry my spelling is not very good) I have been to a couple of neurologist one said I had M.S. but the insurance would not pay for the test he wanted to run and so I stop seeing me.So I would have to start all over again.

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