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    Includes Expert Content
    MS diagnosis
    MaryCz posted:
    Can one have MS without visible lesions in CNS. My neuro says he can't rule out this dx because most of my symptoms fit but no lesions. I had LP that couldn't rule out MS. I don't know all LP results but I guess it wasn't definitive. Would a referral to an MS specialist be appropriate. There is a specialist here in Las Vegas, he has been here a year or 2 now. I am really confused and uncomfortable . I have been Dx'd with multiple autoimmune disorders but no one seems to agree. I would appreciate any help with this dilemma. Thanks in advance
    Neil S Lava, MD responded:
    Sometimes the MRI will be negative at first, but eventually lesions will be seen. Sometimes the magnet strength can be a factor. If the lesions (plaques) are small, the usual 1.5 Tesla magnet may miss these lesions. Using a more powerful 3 Tesla magnet can pick up missed lesions.
    It would not hurt to see an MS specialist. However sometimes it will take some time until a diagnosis is made. I know it is frustrating, but the diagnosis should be secure before you are started on medication for MS.
    shorty201456 replied to Neil S Lava, MD's response:
    dr.lava can u please tell me what you think it is. Hi my name is Carol i think i might have MS because im getting crazy symtoms like i start to get a hot flash like im sweating but im not blurry vision body shaking loss of balance and hearing loss or ringing bells all while standing kneeling or sitting and i went to a eye specialist and he told me that i have black spots in the back of my eyes from all the spells this started back in 1996 than in 2001 the spells got worse then in 2007 i seen a ms doc.he strongly told me to go to his ms semiar and said I need to go to this semiar. but the mri came back before the semiar and he did a mri of my brain and it came out normal the doctors wont do a mri of my spine or lp they ruled out seizuresand diabetes and lupis.and iv been diagnosis with oab,ibs ,acid reflex d and fibro.and my cousin has ms and my 3rd cousin has it and my moms sister getting tested for ms because it runs in the family to. and they told me that i have ms but i just have to have it confirm im just scared because i dont know whats going on w i get numdness tingling tremers weakness off balance and iv been getting alot of charlie horses and always tired and stiffness and my feet is cold too can someone please tell me what is wrong with me because i dont know does anybody know what it could be i ve been going though this sense i was 18yrs.old its just getting worse.on 10/18/13 i had a strange ep one morning I woke up and sat up in bed started walking to the bathroom and walking sideways like I was drunk and I was lightheaded and my leg wanted to give out so I started walking back to the bedroom same thing happen if my bed was not there I would've fell right in to the corner of my dresser this has never happen before my right side did not feel right for a while after that lasted for a couple days.i went to so many doctors and said it was panic attacks and they wanted to stuff drugs down my throut.

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