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    Too many Doctors kill the patient
    Folivarez posted:
    I moved from Michigan to Indiana and I went right back to Michigan because I couldn't get a physician to see me for months at a time. I would be running out medicine, could not see a specialist, a neurologist, no one for months. I did get to see a ob/gyn and a GP who tried to make me go to a drug rehab for medicine I was prescriptions for the worst disease fatigue anyone could have. I actually fell asleep standing at the sink getting water in a pot. I was prescribed this medicine after I tried everything else upto the adderall. It works for me and was the only thing that still works. The go asked for medicine summeries and medical records 3 times in the span of 2 months and still she tried to send me to behavioral heath for an addiction to aderall. So it was my turn to see a neurologist. He tried to put me on antidepressants. I went through this when I was first diagnosed. I was prescribed some of the worst "psych" drugs ypu could put anyone on. I was halucinating, hearing things and the worst, I couldn't talk. I didn't need to be sadated!

    My question is this. If my medical records show the meds I was prescribed over the years that did and did not work and also what I'm presently taking, why would you erase 15 years of what's working to have me go through the stress of another doctor trying to either not allow me a prescription because it is a controlled substance and they are afraid to prescient this to me when I have had no problems with it or the physician is wanting to put me on something that is bound to make me loose my mind in his little trial and error experiment. It is so not fair to me and anyone else who has this disease and moves to a new state or gets a new physician that takes the initiative to turn years of progress into the disability they think we should be living? I refuse to settle into that.

    Take the Poll

    If you have new doctors and they decided they were not going to write prescription that were working for you because they are controlled substances. Is it fair to judge you on the medicine you take because it is a controlled substance?
    • No. Not everyone gets addicted
    • No, because your doctor prescribed it in good faith.
    • Yes, you could become addicted later on
    • Yes, they know of something less addictive that can help
    • Yes, they see addictive traits in you and you should stop taking
    View Poll Results
    Stephanie Butler, RN responded:
    Hello and welcome to our community Folivarez,

    It can be extremely frustrating to switch doctors, especially when you move to a new state with different laws on prescribing controlled substances. One thing that you can do to advocate for yourself is to request a sleep study or neurocognitive testing to try to get to the root of the problem. They can provide a lot of information about the cause of your fatigue, and what types of medication will work best for you. The results, in combination with what has worked/not worked for you in the past, should help you and your provider make treatment decisions. There may even be an option that controls your symptoms better with less side effects. I strongly believe that patients and healthcare providers should make decisions as a team, and I hope you and your new doctor can build a trusting relationship soon- or that you find a different doctor with whom you can.

    Please let me know if I can be of any help along the way!
    Chong61 replied to Stephanie Butler, RN's response:
    Pain can be worse that the medications used to control it.
    I have tried the route of Copaxone and the huge sunken purple places on my body are still with me years later.

    I take medication for my pain and thankfully my family and my Dr. work with me.
    Stephanie Butler, RN replied to Chong61's response:
    I agree, it can definitely feel like you are choosing the lesser of two evils sometimes. I'm glad you have a great Doctor and a supportive family, it makes a huge difference!

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