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    need advice - MS? nerve damage? help.
    buckeyebarbara posted:
    Hi, New to the Board. I could use some helpful advice. I had an epidural steroid injection several weeks ago. It left one side (leg and foot) numb and weak. I have had several injections and never had any complications. The physician has always been unpleasant and is not taking any responsibility. I think he hit a nerve. This injection felt different from any I've had in the past w/ him or another physician I use to see. To make matters worse, two days after the procedure, the same side arm and hand became weak and numb as well. At time the side of my face - same side was numb too. That part comes and goes but the arm remains numb. I ended up going to the emergency room as this physician was unhelpful. The MRI of the back, the brain and the CT scan of brain showed no abnormalities. For maybe the past five ? years I've had the numbness in the arm and side of face come and go (it would never last more than a day if that). I think my cardiologist/internist thought that maybe I had a small stroke. That was ruled out. I'm wondering now if I have not had MS all this time and did this steroid injection somehow make things worse -- the leg and foot numbness? I still believe this injection felt different and he injured a nerve. Sorry to go on here. I just wanted to share all the details. If you have any helpful advice, please contact me. I'm very frightened. I'm waiting to get into a neurologist but seems like it is going to take weeks. Again, any helpful thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Stephanie Butler, RN responded:
    Hello Barbara,

    I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience with that physician. Have you touched base with your primary care doctor since the injection a few weeks ago that caused numbness and weakness? He should examine you and maybe even run a couple of tests before you see the neurologist. Also, be sure to gather copies of your records from your different doctors prior to your appointment so that your new neurologist has all the information possible.

    I hope you get answers soon!
    swampster1952 responded:
    Hello newbie,

    Do you know what vice-grips are? You need to get a pair and go attach them to the scrotum of this sad-sack of a doctor!

    Do it with a smile of course!


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