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    New Girl
    msmom36 posted:
    am a little down, just signed up. Have not slept well the past two nights and well thought why not try something new. I just wrote an awesome reply to a person about MS and trouble swallowing. I don't understand why it told me after all that typing it could not post it at this time, just a little frustrated since it was the first reply and being a retired nurse due to my MS with seizures I was disappointed, well hope this posts then I will feel a little silly but have higher hopes
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    hackwriter responded:
    Dear msmom,

    Welcome, glad to hear from you! I'm sorry you're having trouble sleeping; I've had a few nights of insomnia myself lately due to a new drug, Lyrica.

    Posts tend to have a little delay time showing up on the page. If you wait a minute or two and then click on "Home" you will eventually see your post. If not, then click on the thread and read down to the bottom and you will see your post there.

    Don't give up, this site has a few quirks. I hope you'll stick around, it's great that you have nursing training and knowledge.

    By the way, are you taking a med for the seizures? Please do post more about your history, we'd like to know more about you!

    Graceonline responded:
    Dear msmom36

    I hope the 36 does not infer you have had 36 children

    Welcome to this forum and I too am sorry you are experiencing difficulty with posting.

    I too have had difficulty with this and am slowing working on it. Part has been I have been posting and replying from the wrong page and the other I think more a glitch on the site end of things.

    I can't remember the name of the posting, though if you have not done so already, look for a discussion called something like Problems with Posting authored by a lady by the name of Elizabeth.

    I too am relatively newish to this forum and posted my own difficulties. Soon after I noticed a posting from Elizabeth that had been brought to her attention by hackwriter - inviting people to post of any problems they were having.

    I will also do what hackwriter did for me and trust you don't mind. This meaning I will copy and paste your above posting and draw it too the attention of Elizabeth.

    I would not like to think you may not continue to access this website due to technical difficulties.

    You also sound as though you have great expertise and a desire to exchange this for mutual benefit to posters. This is so very valuable.

    Please don't feel at all silly like you wrote and keep hold of those higher hopes. It will work out.

    In the mean time if you want to post your reply to my reply, I would be more than happy to then copy and paste and then post for you.

    Hackwriter did this for me and it worked a treat!

    I look forward to gaining from your knowledge I feel you will impart to others once your posting works (if it hasn't already by the time I post this).

    Take care

    msmom36 replied to hackwriter's response:
    Thanks, I did feel a bit silly finding out all I had to have needed was check out that I was not doing the reply correct, my bad .

    Did learn lots last night on here and even made the second error of posting my boo-hoo moment as a tip. I just got so into reading about everyone it was like God just opened up a miracle to me full of Angels of hope. I will be on here everyday or night depending on what my body let's me do on what day.

    Yes, I have RRMS with Petit Mal as well as Grand Mal seizures and so they tell me even what they call absent ones. I take enough meds to shorten my life span if I want to think about it. I was having seizures all day to start 5 years ago and they were then called my episodes . I was coming out of a deposition and the next thing I can vaguely remember is my Family Doc. doing a Neuro exam and then hearing voices, getting pocked in the arm by a shot and then apparently that brought me back to myself ....mind you this is a day later before in ER a CT scan showed a large mass in the frontal right region of my brain and I even got to be tested for drugs, my friend was yelling at the ER doc. guess it was the second time I had been in acting unresponsive and odd so that is how I ended up overnight now back to the part when I was getting my Neuro exam the next am. I don't have all my pistons firing so the Doc. says to my friend they want to transfer me to another hospital and I apparently refused to ride in an ambulance but would only let my best friend , just happened to be a medical assistant drive me.I spent the next four days in another hospital having to get lab drawn every time I had "an episode", EEG, MRI, I only know this story because I made my now husband and best friend have told me the story over and over and over .
    msmom36 replied to Graceonline's response:
    Thank You my the grace of God it just flowed out right last night ...the words that is // sorry . I am so loving this thought that Twitter was going to be some kind of awesome thing but have not been impressed so I plan on closing mine. This is truly the way to get the info you want and leave out the drama and enjoy knowledge.

    take care,

    Graceonline replied to msmom36's response:
    Hi again Brandie

    Thanks for your reply and apologies for the delay in mine.

    Talk about a double whammy with the seizure activity as well. It must be difficult for you.

    FYI - I was reading something the other week on gamma knife surgery - and noticed it was also used for treatment in certain types of epilepsy.

    Anyway, a quick hello and pleased you have persisted with posting!


    Take care



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