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    Includes Expert Content
    its to hot in the kitchen on thanksgiving
    ireneliz posted:
    live in ma iam at thanksgiving with lots of people in the kitchen way to HOT F ME well my body gets way to hot and i pass out i get sick i still can hear everyone i cant lift my head if i do i will get sick my hole body feels like a Ton of bricks i hear them say i think shes having a stroke but am not!!!!! i try to tell them just put me out outside where its nice and cool about 30 degreess out there no they call 911 , 911 comes i tell put me outside no off to hosp the min i hit that nice cool air i felt like a mill bucks get to hosp itell look i have ms i dont need meds ivs nothnig but a glass of ice water iplease just let me sit out side in the cool air ohe we cant do that im telling you i just need to cool my body down and its a fast way to do it but they say no i can talk walk stop being sick now because my body has now cool down called my son come get me the dr said i can go i told that when i wake up at night because the house is to hot the heat is on i just get up and go outside porch and stand there and let cold air cool my body down it works so i went home brush my teeth and change my clothes and went back to eat thanksgiving dinner because now my hungry everyone was shock to see me back and so well has anyone else have heat related times like this ???????????? and what do you do????????????
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    mrscrg responded:
    Yes I can relate to the heat issues. Once I get into cooler air I'm better. I too wake up in the middle of the night if I get hot.

    What I normally do is keep my house temp at 70. If it gets cold I can add more clothes or grab a throw. I keep a fan next to my bed if I end up getting hot. Also they have cooling vest that you can purchase to help in situations like that. Think about getting on so you can enjoy company.

    Good luck and God bless
    ireneliz replied to mrscrg's response:
    yes i have a cooling vest that i use in the summer time thanks for reading
    hackwriter responded:
    Hi Ireneliz,

    I can relate to your overheating issues, especially at night. I keep the thermostat down around 62 even in winter, and have a fan blowing on my face at night.

    Sounds as though you know what you need to do to get your body temp down. It's a constant battle, I know. Take good care.

    flatan4u responded:
    I normally keep a rag with me,my body temp rises so quick I have to stay in cool 90% of time,,Its really imbarressing when your in a public place such as airport.
    Stephanie Butler, RN replied to flatan4u's response:
    There are a lot of cooling neck wraps that look more like scarves, and are easily activated with water. They also stay cold for a long time which is helpful, especially for those of us who are very prone to overheating! has a lot of inexpensive options if you want an alternative to using rags

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