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    The question was can you take rebirth and have a glass of wine or a beer the answer is yes everything in moderation that is what my doctor said and I choose to believe him
    Baronsmom15 posted:
    I have learned very quickly that if you premedicate before you give your shot and you take your shot at night before you go to bed you sleep pretty well and you don't end up with a massive horrible headache the next day, and if you do have any type of nausea The next day, talk to your doctor about adding some sort of antiemetic. My provider has been so understanding and the choice of medication was really because I Dority had to if the others. I do have side effects that I would consider moderate to severe. However I have been told that the symptoms are usually gone after a couple of months. It was a long time coming in deciding to start a DMD. I had several different general neurologist and my first specialist said that not everything was lining up but he wanted to treat it like it was a mess and get me on a DMD he left for a better job in another state to be a coordinator for a research division of a college I wish him lots and lots of luck he's a wonderful man. The Doctor Who replaced him reversed the diagnosis and told me I didn't need to have a DMD any longer so I stopped all of the other neurologist that I saw pretty much said the same thing because I didn't have any lesions in my brain it was up to me as to whether I wanted to go on them or not. Based on their statement I chose not and now I have a neurologist who is a specialist who said I do not have an option I need to be on a DMD. He chose three Beth I had already tried Abenaques and Copaxone, and he said it was definitely time to be back on one of these meds if I ever wanted to reduce the onset of new symptoms and prevent my symptoms from worsening if possible So if I have to give up a little alcohol so be it, instead of two or three a month maybe I'll just have one your pretreatment package should look like a bottle of Tylenol a bottle Gel capsules for ibuprofen and your Benadryl and an entire glass of water take it about a half an hour 45 minutes before your shot and then shoot up and go to bed .! I have lost friends and acquaintances because of this disease, but it's OK I had friends before them and I'll have friends after them I pray that my parents remain strong and that both my sisters continue to live a life that they can be proud of . A little off subject I know but I just need to say let others help you it makes them feel good don't try to squash their feelings because most of the time they just don't know what to do for you. I think the worst part for me is my pronounced trimmer it looks like I have palsy or Parkinson's and it makes people uncomfortable. I laugh it off and tell them it's better than when I start falling that would really make them uncomfortable and besides that hurts. Just getting a diagnosis let you come out of the tunnel of darkness and into a wave of despair over how your house looks because the nightmare has gone on so long without a diagnosis. Give yourself permission to not be perfect. Give yourself permission to play more give yourself permission to hug your family kids grandkids nieces nephews sisters brothers cousins whoever you can get too. It doesn't mean all your family troubles are gone it just means that you recognize they care. If you find that you just can't hug your dog! We have many wonderful things lying I had of us do not let MS become who you are I just like to tell people who I am and oh by the way I have MS… don't roll up under a blanket on the couch or in your bed because you hurt One day you will look around and your life is gone by and you're still curled up on the couch a blanket in one hand and a pillow under your head and MS holding onto you . Life has an energy of its own and it will pass you by and never stop, because life never stops it just keeps going when we leave our mortal shells We I believe get an option to look back, and I'm afraid that might look back is going to be one big long sign that says waiting. Just waiting for the right time for the right people the right place to my pain is gone to my weakness is going to my numbness is gone you can choose who you are you can define yourself however you want but really the greatest people weren't defined by what they said it was by what others understood about them and about who they were.
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    hackwriter responded:
    Hi Baronsmom,

    You have so eloquently described our MS journey in a thoughtful, reflective narrative. I'm glad you decided to go back on a DMD to give yourself a chance to delay further disease progression; you made decisions in a way everyone should emulate. You weighed all the opinions, contradictory as they were, and made an informed decision you can live with. I hope you remain stable on your therapy for many years to come. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, there are readers out there that will benefit greatly from your words.

    Stephanie Butler, RN responded:
    Thank you for sharing your story! It sounds like you have a significant tremor that is interfering with your daily activities. Have you talked to your neurologist about it? There are medications, and other interventions that are quite effective for reducing tremors. Maybe there is something out there that could ease your symptoms a bit!

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