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    Kaiser Ins. and Natural??? Are they like Water and Oil???
    triss84 posted:
    I need someone's insight. I'm really feeling like a small fish in a very large pond. I know what I want to do with my body and my child but I recently switched insurances and I have been so disappointed in the human aspect of my medical care to this point (or should I say lack there of). I am fully committed to giving birth VBAC but I feel so unprepared. Lost within the medical Do's and Don't and procedures and protocols. The last thing I want is to have all my plans maped out and be bullied into a decision because I don't have all the facts. As it stands I am 7.5 months due to deliver 2/19/2011 and I have not seen the same doctor more than 2 times and have recieved different information from each... An more than once it has been conflicting at that. I would just like to come across someone ANYONE that has delt with a medical giant like Kaiser in the past or even currently that has been successful at acheiving thier personal health care goals no matter what they may be.

    Feeling very much so like I have no voice and the doctors are programmed robots trained to respond with only malpractice advise.

    Prehaps I'm feeling this way because I was seen at a privat practice with my son and it was truely personal care that I recieved there and this is very much so cold and none personal.

    GigiSage responded:
    I am sorry you are having problems with your new insurance. Most insurances have nurses that work for them to answer medical questions and such. I would start there, find out if there are nurses that can talk to you about the insurance aspect of a VBAC.

    The first thing you need to do is set up a time to tour your choosen hospital. It really doesn't matter what your doctor thinks or the policies of the hospital you plan on going to will not allow it. You need to ask a few things, if they allow VBACs, their rate and any special rules that apply to women attempting VBAC (such as not allowing a woman to attempt if they have had X many c-sections).

    Next I would make an appointment with your doctor, let schedular know that you have a lot of questions and would most likely require a longer appointment then a regular check. Ask specifically about office policies and how they feel about VBACs. Come with questions written down and leave enough space to jot down notes. You can also ask them if there is anything they can suggest to read to get your prepared for a VBAC.

    It's important to balance having a voice with reverence for their knowledge.

    Good luck and I hope everything goes well.

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