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    Baby #1
    BabyOnBoard89 posted:
    Hey, I'm 5 weeks 3 days prego (about) with baby #1, I want to go all natural, no meds, no nothing. My sisters both did it, and I know I can. I guess I'm just a little afraid. Not afraid enough to make me change my mind, but afraid.
    I guess I just want some advice from some of you that have done it, is it the best way to go?
    Should I do anything specific during my pregnancy to assure an easier delivery?
    noelle1225 responded:
    Hey girl! We're on pg after loss together! this is fantastic! I was hoping to run into a few more like minded ladies:) this is my first also. I'm toying with the idea of checking out hypnobabies.
    bbylove21 responded:
    Hello ladies ..P.a.l boards :)
    I too am trying to go au naturale!!! lol can't wait i'm a little closer than you guys but can't wait.. Watch the business of being born it really pushes you in the natural direction..If my mom did it i too can do it!!!!!
    noelle1225 replied to bbylove21's response:
    I loved that doc... did you read the book that goes w it? Do you have any pain management plans or are you gonna wing it? will you be delivering in the hosp?
    bbylove21 replied to noelle1225's response:
    nope whats the name of the book? I really hope i can bare with all the pain..i've had several run ins with pain from contusions to dislocated bones that i've they fixed with out pain meds at the hospital of course i'm not that gun-ho !!! lol so hopefully birth is a piece of cake!! HA! ..and i am delivering at the hospy..What about you Noelle ??
    noelle1225 replied to bbylove21's response:
    the book is called "Your Best Birth" I really enjoyed it, but I think if I were using a hospital it might have made me anxious because along with the atta girl stories are a few tales of women who had their water broken as they screamed for the dr to stop, or were forced into bed while the baby was crowning cause the dr wanted them in the stirrups instead of a squat and what not. It would def be empowering to you bc that's what feeling well informed does, but I wouldn't want it to worry you.

    I'm hoping to deliver... barring anything crazy... at a local birth center. I love the women there and they helped me so much through my loss. Plus they are only 2 min from the hosp... I can literally get there faster than they can prep an OR:)

    I am considering looking into the Hypnobabies home study course... supposedly its better than the hypnobirthing courses plus you do it on your own. Its a little involved (you have to start at least by 7 mo. and you practice a little every day) but it basically helps you train your mind to re-associate the pain of labor to pressure surges and progress. the idea is that when you get rid of the fear, the part of the pain that was in your head or caused by you inadvertently fighting your labor will be far less or gone completely. its a whole mind-body thing and also is very centered on your relationship with your partner/coach They actually have to be willing to practice with you quite a bit, so it gets them involved way before go time!.
    bbylove21 replied to noelle1225's response:
    Wow Noelle that's so gutsy and awesome.. I for some reasons find so much peace in a Hospital, I used to get sick when i was young and i found it comforting to be in a hospital..Wierd hu? I don't think there's any birthing centers around my area but i'm working on my birth plan as we speak to make sure i don't get any medical intervention..cause i've heard how manipulative Ob's or nurses can be.

    I really wanted a water birth just because of how relaxed i feel in the water when i go swimming but i'ts not possible since i'm getting state help with my baby, because hubby was fired from his job when i found out i was preg. no insurance = almost no options but i'll work with what i have.Hopefully the Lamaze classes will do some good and my body give's me a break with labor lol. Good luck with the baby your check up is coming up soon right? tons of healthy baby vibes your way mam!!!
    noelle1225 replied to bbylove21's response:
    Awww... thanks :)
    If you feel safe in the hosp then that's where you need to be. That's the important thing, feeling safe and like you are being listened to.

    That stinks about your hubby. We went through something similar when I was pg last summer and my hubby had been laid off. It just doesn't seem fair but the economy stinks and you do what you can.

    We are going to try for a water birth, but at the center they encourage you to do whatever feels right so I'm open to birthing stools, slings, the tub, whatever works... but I do think the water is my best bet bc I also find it very soothing.

    I think you are a very strong woman to go for all natural in a hosp. I honestly don't think I could do it with ppl there who could get me drugs so quickly. One of the reasons I'm going with the center is to give myself a little distance and time btn me and the needle when the going gets rough. All I have to do is keep putting it off one contraction at a time, right? :)

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