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    MrsPiper posted:
    I just found out today that my ob uses cytotec. I'm currently pregnant with baby #5 and this will be my 3rd baby with my current ob. I like him, I think he's very nice, has good bedside manner, treats me respectfully and I've been satisfied with the 2 births he's already attended for me. But I know another woman in my church who delivered with him and she was telling me about her induction and mentioned that he gave her cytotec. I was really disappointed to hear that MY ob at MY hospital is adminstering a drug for induction that is CONTRAINDICATED for pregnant women, and has caused uterine rupture. I know it really doesn't affect me personally, because I have no intention of being induced (wouldn't even show up if an induction were scheduled) and expect my labor to progress quickly with no intervention like my others have, but this still bothers me. Would anyone consider this a good reason to shop around for a new ob?

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    peanut_1991 responded:
    That is totally on how you feel about him as a doctor. I dont think that they should use that drug to induce a pregnant woman tho. I have heard of cases where both the mother and child died during birth. Ive heard of them using it to start a miscarriage when the baby stopped developing. I know that i would never let them use that on me. I dont want to be induced at all. The baby will come when its time. Its nature.
    LonsKrys responded:
    I actually was induced with this the last time. For some reason neither of my children EVER came on their own. I had contractions 2 minutes apart for 4 weeks. I wouldn't dialate nor would my water break. I had to be induced both times at 42 1/2 weeks. Then it became a health issue because they had had their first bowel movement and swallowed it so they were watched carefully. I'm not saying it is for everybody and I know there are horrible stories out there. Bottom line, it is up to you and how comfortable you feel with your doctor. You may leave to find a better one and not find one you are as comfortable with or one that does even worse things. Just a thought, hth.

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