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    ButterflyBaby1107 posted:
    I was just reading about hypnobirthing or using hypnosis or self relaxation during labor. Has anyone tried this?
    noelle1225 responded:
    haven't done it, but it's my plan for this baby. I'm going to do the hypnobabies course bc you can do it at home and it also got better reviews when I read up on the two programs. How far along are you?
    ButterflyBaby1107 replied to noelle1225's response:
    I am only in the first trimester now. This is my second baby. I made it through my first delivery without an epidural. I was able to try to take my mind off the pain in the beginning, but then they gave me some pitocen and the contractions started coming hard and fast! They did have to give me some drug because I wasn't getting a break from the pain between contractions and couldn't relax enough, after they gave me the drug I progressed faster. The drugs were horrible, I felt so out of it and like the room was spinning-it was like I was drunk or something. Thank goodness I wasn't on it for very long! I want to try to have a natural birth again with this one, I really am afraid of the epidural! So I am really interested in leaning about the hypnobirthing. I was hypnotized once, and I felt so good and relaxed after!
    noelle1225 replied to ButterflyBaby1107's response:
    I'm 13w5d... barely into the second tri... hypnobirthing is supposed to work best when you have months to practice it so it's good you are looking into it early:) The hypnobabies web site flat out says do not order this course if you are past 7mo. It will not work that fast. I'm gonna plan to start by 5mo so i have time to let it all sink in and become second nature. I can't believe you made it through the pit w no epi! strong woman! I bet it'll be a breeze for you with hypnosis;)

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