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    Changing from OBGYN to Midwife?
    klynshoe posted:

    I am almost 15 weeks pregnant with my first and have gone to my OBGYN since I found out I was pregnant. Now that I am learning about all the natural methods out there I think I really want to go with a midwife. I really like my OBGYN but I want a more personal experience. Every time I see him I have to remind him what we discussed at the previous appointment and when I asked him about alternative birthing methods he didn't seem very supportive. So anyway I'm pretty sure I want to switch but just not sure when and how. Are there services that an OBGYN offers that a midwife does not? Can a midwife use ultrasound? Also, has anyone made the switch and had insurance - does insurance allow you to switch to a midwife? And should I get all my current records from my OBGYN to give to the midwife? How do I tell my doctor I want to switch without offending? What if complications arise is it rude to make the switch back to my OBGYN or do midwifes usually have a backup one that they use?

    Sorry for all the questions... I don't like to offend people but I really think I want to make the switch. Any advise is helpful!
    noelle1225 responded:
    I see a group of mw's who run a birthing center... pretty common mw setup i think. They are "Supervised" by an OB, but as long as I stay low risk I'll probably never meet him:) The B C is only a 2 min ride from the hosp. I'm going for a natural delivery there and it doesn't scare me bc I know I can get to the hosp faster than they can prep an OR if there is an emergency and I think knowing that I cannot get an epi w/o having to ride down to the hosp and check in will really help me during my weak moments. my mw's also offer a hosp birth option with the mw attending the birth, but i chose the bc.

    You'll have to check with your ins to see what they cover, but if you want to switch, the sooner the better. My ins does cover 80% for the whole thing (unfortunatly I also have a 2 grand deducible to meet!). and they do have onsite lab services and US services, plus they are a great source for well woman care with a more personal touch.

    I see different mw's along the way, but I've loved them all so far:) and I won't get stuck with a total stranger like i might if my reg OB wasn't on call for delivery day. As far as offending your doc... you might ask him if he has any mw's who work under him. Then you'd still technically be his patient, but keep in mind what kind of environment you want for delivery.

    If you are in a hosp, even with a mw attending, there are different rules about when you can and cant get in a tub or shower, how long you'll be allowed to labor natuarlly, what you have to be hooked up to.. all that can be restricting, but alot of women feel safer there, I personally feel safer where I feel like I get to make more of my own decisions. It's all about what you want and what makes you comfortable. You have to get past offending anyone and get that momma bear attitude that gets you what you and your baby need:)
    noelle1225 replied to noelle1225's response:
    Hey! Just realized b4 I wrote this I just posted to you on second tri! this isn't my usual board either since it's so slow:) lol. usually I hang out at pg after loss:)
    TWalker02840 responded:
    I think MW's have to be working with an OB, i know the midwife that i considered using basically said she did everything up to the delivery and then the doc steps in but this was in a hospital setting, not a birthing center. Also if there are any complications they will have you see an OB (You can choose to use yours or the one they have on staff) or go right to the hospital if its a birthing center. Have you though of hiring a doula or seeing if there are any doula services in your area? Also I think most docs/mw's will use an U/S technician, they won't do them themselves. You have to do what ever makes you comfortable. Don't worry about being rude. Your body, your baby.

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