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    How to prepare
    ButterflyBaby1107 posted:
    I would like to try to have a natural birth. What should I do to prepare?
    noelle1225 responded:
    I'm a first timer, but I started by watching the documentary "the business of being born" and reading the book "your best birth" that goes along with it. Then I researched different birthing classes and techniques and settled on the hypnobabies home study course, which so far, I love:) The key is educating yourself so that you cannot be bullied into unwanted interventions and determining if you really do want a safe natural birth reguardless of the possible discomfort. It's all dependant upon what matters to you:) GL!
    ButterflyBaby1107 replied to noelle1225's response:
    Are you liking the hypnobabies? I was looking at that home study course also, but thought that it is alot of money to spend. Maybe I can try to find a discounted one on e-bay or something.
    noelle1225 replied to ButterflyBaby1107's response:
    So far I really do like it. I read that alot of women who had done hypnobirthing classes had supplemented by buying hbabies discs and if you look on ebay, the course sells for quite close to what they originally cost so I have just not written in mine and may keep it for my next birth then sell it after. they come out w new format every so often but the scripts are pretty much the same so even if you get the fifth edition on ebay it would still work, you just probably couldn't sell it for as much. I will say it takes at least six weeks to do the course and have time to practice and get the cues ingrained in your mind. Also its helpful to have a partner who is willing to read scripts for you and be involved and you need to listen to your CD's for about 30 min each day. If you can't put in the time, it just wouldn't help you.

    there is also a certain amount of "acceptance" that goes into it. You have to accept that the techniques they teach you work and choose not to override them. You have to practice like you are supposed to. If you are the kind of person who might listen to the CD and think "This is such a crock. Of course I can still move when my "lightswitch" is off!" then you may be too literal minded to really benifit. The relaxation is key. It takes a certain suspension of reality, then the more you do it, the easier it becomes to feel yourself slip into hypnosis. And don't plan on listening to scripts in the car or you may fall asleep and wreck!
    ButterflyBaby1107 replied to noelle1225's response:
    I got the hypnobirth book and cd and have been studying it. I just found a used hypnobabies set on the classified ads for a discounted price--so hopefully I can get that this week and start using that. I am excited to try it
    noelle1225 replied to ButterflyBaby1107's response:
    I hope it works well for you:) I already use the techniques quite frequently to help with random pains or sleeping issues. Good luck:)
    tadpole61311 responded:
    dont do drugs. lol sorry i read it and that was seriously the first thing that poped in my head. have u decided between doc or midwife. or picked a birthing center? how bout looking into yoga or hypnobirthing for delivery?

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