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    Finding it hard 3rd time around to stick with the Natural plan
    TWalker02840 posted:
    I am 37 wks w/ #3, I did my first natural, 13 hrs of active labor, 6 of which i spent in the bed at the hospital. My second was an elective induction at 40 wks, with pitocin and although i did break down and ask for an epidural, it was too late and I had my 2nd naturally anyway. I am having a hard time sticking to my resolve. I thought it might be easier after 2 natural births to just do it, but its not. Maybe i am thinking too much about it or maybe its because i know how much pain i'll be in. My labors have been subsequently much faster. I have all the books from the first 2 times i just dont feel that into it this time around. I need like a natural labor pep squad to psych me up or something. Not really sure what my labor plans are at this point. Need some assistance.
    Quintessa2 responded:
    Have you thought about what techiniques you will use to ease labor pain? Start there because you know that will be the most helpful thing to you. Then start thinking about how you want to handle things if xyz happens... The best thing you can do is educate yourself and your partner. And be STRONG! You can certainly do this. It is better for you and your baby. Lower chances of a c-section and the baby will have less stress. Less chance of tearing and pelvic floor damage...Not to mention a thousand other things. You and the baby will be able to be in tune with eachoher. When I had my boy everyone remarked on how good I looked afteward. It was because I wasn't drugged up. After the baby was out I was fine and flying high. And no drug hangover the next day. He and I bonded and it was great.
    TWalker02840 responded:
    I think im just more tired this time around and lack the motivation I had the first 2 times (2 children will do that to you) I will more than likely stick to it but i don't really have a coach or support person in there with me. I didnt for my 2nd and it was more difficult. My husband was there but now he will more than likely stay with the other 2 kids (he wasn't that helpful anyway) I feel the Holidays are taking my focus off my labor. I also don't know what im having, so I think a lot of my anxiety is lingering there as well.

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