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    Birth Story!
    Quintessa2 posted:
    Hey everyone! Well I made it through a nautral birth. It went very well. The night before I had some little stinging pains in my abdomen. I was thinking maybe something is starting to happen but didn't want to get my hopes up. Around 3 am I woke up with some cramping pains so I started timing them. It was about every 20 minutes or so. After about two hours of that they came every 10 minutes and were more painful. I woke dad up around then 5am. When I woke him I asked if he was ready to be a daddy today. He was excited! We tried to lay in bed awhile longer but I had to get up to walk around at 7am or so. I noticed that our toilet water was a funny color so I started plunging the toilet thinking that it was clogged. Boy did my boyfriend get mad at me. You are in labor and you are plunging the toilet! Haha! After that I got ready and tried to watch a movie while rocking in a chair. I was having a lot of back pain which later became HORRIBLE back labor. The rocking helped for a time and things were happening faster contractions were coming every four minutes and we were discussing the fact that it was time to call the Doc. when my water broke. I was kneeling over the couch breathing through a contraction when it happened. I told Jake (boyfriend) that my water just broke and he ran and grabbed a towel and tried to put it under my behind. I laughed at him and told him I put on a giant pad earlier so that when my water broke it wouldn't get everyhere. (Seriously I didn't know if that would work but if you get a heavy duty one it will) Anyhow we grabbed the bags and jumped in the car immediatly. I'm so glad that we were moving fast because by the time we got to the hospital contractions were 3 minutes apart and very painful. Like I said I had so bad back labor. I had to get into a wheelchair. It was 11am when we got checked into the hospital. I asked for a nurse that had some practice with natural childbirth. She took one look at my birthplan and said "Is your Dr. OK with this?" ... I was thinking really lady you think I didn't consult him and give hime one of these. I only brought about 20 copies with me. But yes he's on board with it. "just a minute let me hook you up to all these contraptions while I call your Dr." Sitting still makes things hurt so much with back labor so lying there with a belt puting pressure on my belly was not going to fly. I took it off after about five minutes. The nurse insisted that I lay there with it on. But baby was looking fine so I was getting up. I asked her if I could get in the bath. "Ummm let me call your Dr. sometimes they don't want you to get in the water after your water breaks" Lady what the heck do you know anything? I'm thinking... Uggg! Dr. OK's a bath. The bath is working good for a little while. I sit in it for about a half an hour then get out to move around and rock in a chair. Then I get back in and out about two more times. After that at about 3 I tell the nurse that I'm ready to start pushing. "Well let me check you and then we can maybe call your Dr." At that point I had dialated to 9cm. Dr was in the hospital already with someone else and he came in and said she's ready to push so let her. So I tried a few different ways on a stool and with a birthing bar. Finally I just asked to be coached.I had so much pain in my back it was excrutiating. Pressure on the SI helped A LOT Jake pretty much had to have his hands on me the whole time.After I got some coaching from the nurse on pushing she told the Dr not to leave.At one point I was hyperventelating during the pushing and almost passed out.At 5:15 pm our baby boy was born.He was pale because we are so fair skinned the nurse thought he needed oxygen. But he didn't need it he was a healthy baby.They were cleaning him up and I was feeling shocky.I was shivvering cold and feeling kind of strange.The nurses didn't even take one look at me. Jake had to get me blankets and calm me down.Then I had baby in my arms and everything was A OK.
    Mya9253 responded:
    Aww , I'm glad everything worked out ! Such an uplifting story <3

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