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    Any intending naturals for 2015?
    aureola posted:
    Hey there!
    So I just signed up for this group but noticed the last post was a year ago. Anyone like me planning to do the 'crazy thing' and give birth naturally? Let's give each other support and updates on here.

    jloven responded:
    I am also planning to give birth naturaly. I am due in May 2015. This will be my 3rd baby girl but first time with no drugs. I could use all the support I can get!
    nreyn3 responded:
    Hi! I am due June 25, 2015. My DD was 5 weeks early, so theres a possibility my DS will be a May baby. I'm planning on a natural birth this time as well. I attempted it with my DD, but with being 5 weeks early they had me and DD hooked up to all kinds of fluids, meds, and monitors. I was told I could get on the birthing ball for pain relief, but the minute I would get out of bed the nurses would rush in because the monitors wouldn't pick up DD heartrate. So I was stuck in bed, no way to work through the pain like I had planned, and after 20 hours of labor and stalling at 5, I went ahead and got the meds, which didn't even work properly. 6 hours later (1.5 hours of pushing) my healthy DD was born! This time I know I can manage the pain since I felt it all with my DD. I just hope not to be stuck in the bed!! Best of luck to you ladies! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
    jloven replied to nreyn3's response:
    Hi nreyn3, I think im ready for natural labor. I get scared sometimes but I think I can do this!
    mommyinthemaking15 responded:
    I think this is a great idea! I was just telling my husband last night how alone I felt because my family isn't being very supportive of my decision. My mother-in-law, who I love dearly, is freaking out that we're going to a birth center and not a hospital, and she seems to think I'm completely crazy for wanting to do a natural birth. My husband is letting me make the decision about where to go, but he'll hardly talk to me about it - I think it must make him nervous, too. The weirdest part, though, is that I'm actually looking forward to having a natural birth. I think it will be a great challenge, and a real accomplishment once it's done, you know? Plus, most women in history have birthed naturally because they didn't have the option to medicate, so why can't I? We can do it ladies!
    jloven replied to mommyinthemaking15's response:
    I wish there was a birth center where I live. I have to go to the hospital and take my own birth pool and set it up myself. crazy! My husband is nervous for me but he is being supportive. My in laws do not talk to me, long story. I have no other family but my sister and she is very selfcenter. when we talk we talk about her. lol oh well !
    I still have to talk to my mid wife on Wednsday to see if she is ok with a water birth. I hope she wont have any issues with it.
    aureola replied to jloven's response:
    Hi everyone!
    Thanks for chiming in and getting this discussion active once again. I felt like I needed some support, 'cos, like many of us here, I'm not getting it from friends and family who think I'm silly for not taking advantage of pain meds when they are so readily available. My first was at a stand alone birth center (not far from a teaching hospital) and labor was relatively easy - 12 hours from start to finish, completely unmedicated. I felt like I really didn't have a choice though, 'cos I was in Africa at the time and they didn't even have the proper monitoring equipment, so no way I was going to risk complicating matters by taking drugs. This time it's a different story, and I've found myself questioning my decision to have a NUCB even though that's what I have on my birth plan. Just hearing from you guys helps me know I'm not alone and I'm not crazy and gives me the motivation I need to stick with my original gut feeling about this.
    aureola responded:
    Oh! and BTW - I'm 35 1 weeks today, so I'm really counting down now. Plan to get my hospital bag packed by tonight. My midwife had mentioned that my baby was measuring big at the 32 week USS, so they're having me do a repeat next week at 36 weeks. They want to base their decision on whether to allow me go natural on the baby's size with this next USS. I'm so not worried about it. It was the same with my ds and he eventually came out a normal 8.36lbs.
    jloven replied to aureola's response:
    Im glad this discussion is once again active as well! are you planning a water birth?
    An_262388 replied to aureola's response:
    Aureola, have you had your baby yet? if so how did your labor go? Birth story? I am 34 weeks today! Super excited for it to be my turn!!!
    jloven replied to An_262388's response:
    I have less then 30 days til my EDD and im so ready to give birth!

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