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    Squirmy baby
    lprice76 posted:
    My two week old has a case of the squirms. Whether she's awake or asleep she squirms...the only time she doesn't squirm is when she's eating or has the paci. We will put her down to sleep and if the paci falls out she won't cry she'll just start squirming and grunting. She thrusts her legs and arms around and makes these faces that look like she's trying to pass something. She's on Similac Sensitive and we only use dr. browns bottles I also give her gas drops a few times during the day. She doesn't scream while squirming, just grunts. She'll do this all night while she's asleep. Sometimes she's awake for 3 hours doing it during the day. Like right now she's in her car seat squirming away wide awake for about 1.5 hours now.
    jbish responded:
    Kaylea squirms a lot too, but once she falls asleep she stops. I would think it's normal, but your daughter seems to do it a lot longer than Kaylea. Did your pedi say anything about it?
    lprice76 responded:
    Our next appointment is on Monday going to bring it up then as it just started recently. Before I switched formulas and bottles she was doing it along with the screaming it was making me nuts. At least now it's just the grunting. She doesn't go poopy a lot so I thought it could be constipation but her poops are not hard or dry in anyway.
    amayer1981 responded:
    Have you tried burping her when she does this? My DD does the same thing, even if it's hours after a feeding, she still might have a burp in there. I just pick her up, burp her, and she is much better!
    superjunkplace responded:
    I agree with the burping thing. It's happened a few times where it's been an hour or two since she's eaten and she'll be all squirmy and when I pick her up, she lets out an enormous burp!!! And she's good. :smile: She does squirm and grunt allllll the time while sleeping though. Always has.
    lprice76 responded:
    Briana what the heck is up with our squirmy babies...LOL. I'll watch her on the video monitor and she'll be asleep but kicking and thrusting her arms and's almost as if she's doing some sort of interpretative native dance or something. I told DH we should videotape it and set it to's hilarious.
    superjunkplace responded:
    Lmao you totally totally should!!! That would be hysterical. I start to get out of bed about 800 x a night because I'll think she's starting to wake up. Sometimes she'll yell too. And I'll go over and she looks really calm...? I dunno. :grin:
    scperdomo responded:
    i Cameron gets squirmy too. I had him laying on the couch with me with his feet up against my leg and I was online (here, lol) and then entire time,probably about 15 min, he was kicking me and waving his arms around. He wasn't gassy, he would coo and giggle a few times so maybe he thought it was funny to kick mommy. i Though, when he is gassy he does grunt. It's usually cause he has to fart though. DH will push his legs up and towards his face and he will let it rip! Hilarious.... just like his daddy. hahaha....

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