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    Poll: Nicknames
    Bailey98029 posted:
    What do you call your LOs?

    I thought this was a fun poll to see what fun things people come up with and why!

    We call DS a lot of things. We started calling him Stinky when he was little because he would have his fussy days and DH would ask how he was during the day and I would say he was a Stinker. The name has had many different variations in almost 3 years and now I pretty much call him Tink. I also call him Pumpkin Butt for no reason at all

    I call DD Ladybug. Sissy or Sissy Bear (after berenstein bears which DS is totally into). Sometimes I call DS Brother now too
    IslandGirl58 responded:
    I'm not very inventive with nicknames, I think!! DD's name is Katelyn, but we mostly call her Katie. Original, huh?! For awhile she was Katie Tatie or Katie Kate, but lately I've just taken to calling her Sweetie. DS so far is Little Man, Baby Boy, Chunka Munk or Chubba Chubba. His full name is Nathan, and eventually he will be Nate, but he just doesn't feel like a Nate to me yet.
    superjunkplace responded:
    She's had LOTS over the course of her little life, but generally it's stinky butt. I'm pretty sure she's going to start thinking her name is "Hiiiiiiii" because I always say that to her when I catch her looking at me, and she smiles so biggggg so I of course keep doing it!!!
    lprice76 responded:
    I'm bad at this because my dog Duece has about 42 nicknames and when I call him one of them people think I got another dog.

    So here is my list:

  • Miss. Cranky Pants
  • Miss. Fussy Pants - here's the funny thing the pink paint in her room is called" "fussy pink"...who knew?
  • Buddha Baby
  • Chubbo
  • Stinky Butt
  • Big Stinky
  • Big Hungry
  • Drama and my all time favorite (do not ask)

    McGaeghy The Baby

    I swear if I could go back in time and change her name to McGaeghy I would and i would make her middle name "The Baby".
    bridgettecoldwell responded:
    My DD calls Hunter Hunty and we said we would never call him bubba but we call him bubba and monkey all the time.
    IslandGirl58 responded:
    LMAO Lisa!!! I'm sure she'd appreciate that name SO much more than Leah!! Oh, I forgot to add Fussy Pants to my list also--maybe we should set Nathan and Leah up later in life!!!
    Bailey98029 responded:
    Dana, when we named DS Tyler we assumed we would call him Ty. My friend's husband's name is Tyler and he goes by Ty and I loved the nickname. However, he's almost 3 and I NEVER call him Ty. I will only refer to him as Ty in an e-mail since it's easier but I always call him Tyler unless I'm using another nickname. He just doesn't seem like a Ty to me although lots of other people call him that which is fine. Just not for me. He's my Tyler!
    Jle21 responded:
    DS: Gavy, Sweetie, Pumpkin, Peanut, Silly Billy

    DD: Dolly, Claire Bear, Missy Missy Moo Moo (DS came up with that one, but it stuck), Sissy
    rockinmama18 responded:
    Emma is Emma boo, Pretty girl, sweet pea, silly girl, and boopers.

    Samuel is Sam, Sammy, Sammy Sam Sam, Pumpkin, peanut (or now that he's bigger, DH calls him walnut), big guy, stinkers, pretty boy, sugar butt, and buddy.
    cntwait2bamama responded:
    our LO has a few nicknames - beauty ..... i ususally call her - bella.... her grandmama - preciosa.... her nana calls her - baby davie......... her daddy's friends call her since she looks exactly like her dad - bean..... her great aunts - tiny.... her great tata and grandma

    and i think that's it
    cutiekim82 responded:
    His name is Evan but I call him Buddy, Cutie, Sweetie, Mr. Cranky Pants, Sir Farts-a-Lot (my favorite! LOL)
    Aarnold1228 responded:
    I call Grace Chunk Munk and love bug
    lprice76 responded:
    They'd make a beautiful couple...they can fuss and flail all night long together. Have spit up contests too!!
    jbish responded:
    Kaylea's my little mamma!!
    lprice76 responded:
    ROFL..I just read everyone elses responses and I think I'm the only one that doesn't have a nice nickname...all mine are mean!! LOL.

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