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    bodeeke posted:
    My daughter is 4 weeks old. Since she was born she has been fussy and cries a lot. At night is when it is the worst. The doctor put her on Zantac two days ago but it doesnt seem to be helping. A friend suggested Mylanta (1ml) but im scared to give it to her. Has anyone used Mylanta on an infant?
    GigiSage responded:
    I would speak to her doctor before trying anything else. You should be able to call your doctors answering service (usually you call the office and you are transferred to either an answering service that pages the doctor on call OR to an ask-a-nurse that triages your question and they get a hold of your doctor for you)

    Don't be afraid to call - doctors hire answering services (or their own staff) because they WANT you to call with questions or concerns.
    lenono97 responded:
    I agree with the PP. Call the pedi first. I have never heard of using Mylanta on an infant. If the Zantac isn't helping, the pedi might have other things he/she wants to try.
    Larich_408 responded:
    yes you can use mylanta. DD has acid reflux and takes ranitidine (zantac). Zantac is not a fast-acting drug- it will take 1-2 weeks to notice a difference. It may not keep her from throwing up (if that's what she was doing) but it will neutralize the acid in her stomach and keep it from burning. Anyway- back to the Mylanta. You can give 1/2 tsp (2.5 ml) up to 4 times a day. Get the CHERRY Mylanta (not the original) because it doesn't have aluminum dioxide in it.
    Jennifer Shu, MD responded:
    It can take a week or two to see the full effects of Zantac but usually you'll see some improvement in the first few doses. I have recommended Mylanta for some infants in my practice and suggest you ask your doctor about whether it's okay to use for your daughter and if so, how much and which type of Mylanta. You may also want to ask if a different prescription medication such as Prevacid might be more useful. Good luck!

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