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    nursing strike?
    jajajeana posted:
    my son will be 1 this june, in about 2 weeks. he is exclusively breastfed. about 3 days ago he just stopped nursing. he wont even try. he is completely uninterested. im a little confused and dont know what has caused this. i have tried over and over to nurse him and he will have nothing to do with it. it wasnt a gradual thing, it was just like i nursed him to sleep for his afternoon nap, and then BOOM, when he woke up that afternoon, and never again! has anyone else experienced this?
    andprice responded:
    I haven't had this happen myself, but I wanted to refer you to the La Leche League website. They have some very experienced mommas and some LC's there that might be able to give you some help. You can also contact a LLL leader in your area to get some specific help, in person. I think that is what you need more than a website. :)

    If all of that fails...don't feel too bad! I know quitting nursing is sad, especially if it's not on your terms, but you made it to nearly a year,which is definitely something to celebrate. I don't think it's necessary to "force" (for lack of a better word) him to nurse. Some kids just wean themselves, despite everything we try. It may feel like a rejection...but don't take it personally. He's growing and maturing. Sometimes you have to let go and let your child grow up before you're completely ready.

    HTH!!! and GL!
    NatureMonster responded:
    I would keep trying to nurse. like, don't force him, but still offer. it could be an independence thing. my LLL leader said that between 15 and 18 months is when true baby lead weaning occurs. before that it's just a nursing strike.
    But it's really up to the two of you. if you feel he's read to stop and he's really not interested then stop nursing.
    DS was 18 months when he stopped. He really didn't want to nurse anymore. I was devestated. but my goal was a year so i surpassed it.
    I did try to nurse him again a few weeks ago (he's 2 now) because he was really upset. But he took 2 sucks and was like "what is this mom" lol. I was willing to try anything to get him to calm down. it helped a little.
    jajajeana replied to andprice's response:
    thank u so much for the support, u are right, it is extremely sad! i keep trying. i havent given up yet! i know its only been a few days but i already miss our special time and i miss him looking up at me with his big blue eyes when he would nurse! im a drama queen, i know, but i nursed my daughter until she was 15 months and i weened her on my terms,and it is a lot harder when i have no control this time with my son. on the upside, he has been extra cuddly and sweet, and he has also been sleeping through the night, which is REALLY nice. thank u again!
    jajajeana replied to NatureMonster's response:
    the calming down part is the worst! nursing was like the magic calming down method! haha. im trying to find new ways now, which is a little challenging, but im not going to give up on nursing. thank u so much for your support... these past couple of dayshave been so stressful for me.
    Larich_408 responded:
    this happened with my DS. I planned to BF him for at least a year and he stopped nursing at 10 months. Well, partly it was my fault. I had a really bad infection and went on antibiotics that you can't take while nursing. DS did fine with a bottle so I gave him a bottle (breastmilk) for 4 days.. I didn't even go the full 7 days on the antibiotics because I didn't want to stop nursing him that long. I pumped and dumped the whole time I was on the antibiotics but I think it dried me up. By the time I went to nurse DS again he really wanted nothing to do with it. I tried and tried and finally I just gave up and I had the most overwhelming amount of guilt. I cared more than he cared. He LOVED his bottle.. I actually think I nursed him longer than he actually wanted to LOL. But, to this day I still feel guilty about it! I do know that partly it has to do with him being a very independent little guy. He always wanted to do things on his own.. he still does. Maybe this is your DS' way of showing you that he's "all grown up". Ya know? Trust me, I know it's hard but it's great that you made it so far. It's an accomplishment! But.. maybe it IS just a nursing strike. It wouldn't hurt to keep trying! GL~!

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