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    Doing sit-ups... kinda freaking me out...
    emily8091457 posted:
    My DD#2 is almost 3 months old. This last week or so she acts like she's trying to do a sit-up or a tummy crunch or something. Like right now she is laying in her boppy pillow and she doing these tummy crunch looking things and coming up off the pillow an inch or two. Then she'll lie back down and do it again. What in the world?? I don't remember DD#1 doing this. She doesn't seem in pain or like she's in distress... it's just kind of worrying me. What is she doing?
    jnamom81 responded:
    Yep she is trying to sit up. My DD started doing that when she was around 3mos old (she is 5mo now). When she starting seeing things and watching her surroundings she hasn't wanted to lay down. She even doesn't like sitting unless something is keeping her attention. She wants to stand all the time. Even when she is in her carrier and strapped in her little head is up and looking around. Its amazing how different babies are cause I dont remember my 3yr old being that way that soon. I wouldn't be worried she is just trying to see whats going on. My 5mo old is now sitting up with support.
    mommabear3502 responded:
    My son is 3 months old too, and he's doing the same thing. It's no big deal! He's just not wanting to lay down anymore. I dunno WHAT I'm going to do when he is crawling and getting into stuff. He's so active!
    MarineWife12307 responded:
    She's just learning how to try and sit up, my kids would try to do that but they are big boys right now they are 10 months old, but when they were younger they would try to sit up. and she could just be curious of what she can do and of what is around her.
    MarineWife12307 replied to mommabear3502's response:
    girl i got 10 month old twin BOYS!! I am in for it. right now they crawl at the speed of light!! super fast babys and they stand and are trying to climb up things and lately they have been walking while holding on to things. i just looked over at them and they are both trying to climb int the same walker. haha.
    katebrooks responded:
    My DD is 10 weeks old and has been doing this for about a week now. I figured it's her way of trying to teach her body how to sit up! I think it's cute :)
    mommabear3502 replied to MarineWife12307's response:
    Good luck to you then! One boy at a time is all I can handle!
    Me: 32, DH: 32, DD: 8, DS: 1

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