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    Newborn won't sleep in crib/co-sleeper
    B_Marchand posted:
    My newborn (6 days old) won't sleep in a crib or co-sleeper... she sleeps fine, but only if she's in our bed. During the day, she'll sleep on the couch (it's a firm mattress), in a bounce seat, on us - but at night it's in bed or nothing... We've tried having her nap in the co-sleeper by day, during the evening, at night - no matter what, she wakes up... We've tried putting her down drowsy, putting her down fast asleep, and everything in the middle - she wakes up. Swaddling doesn't help. Our bedroom is somewhat warm, so I'm thinking using a heating pad might make her too warm.

    Thoughts? She's too young to cry it out, from what I read, but I'd like to get her out of our bed...
    roni090909 responded:
    Keep trying. Both of mine where like this in the beginning. Start naps in the crib, even if she only sleeps for 10 min there its a start. Do the same thing at bedtime. Just keep being consistent and she will get better.
    Wendy12345678 responded:
    I'm dealing with the same thing. My 3rd son was born just over a week ago, for the first couple of days he slept in the bassinet, which has a drop down side and pulls to the bed. After that he fussed as soon as we put him in it, but when I fell asleep feeding him he slept great. Like GREAT. My other two boys stayed in my bed for the same reason when they where babies, so I assume he's just going to be staying in our bed. It makes me nervouse, but I get a lot more and better sleep. It depends what your more comfortable with, but I wouldn't suggest letting him cry it out. My guess is the babies are just more comfortable being close to mom, since thats all they've known.
    HaveFaith1224 replied to Wendy12345678's response:
    we're dealing with the same thing. Our DS will be two weeks on Wednesday. He will only sleep with us at night. I hate hearing him cry in his crib, so we take him out and put him in bed with us, which of course makes me nervous because it's not safe. We've been putting him on the boppy pillow so that he's got a barrier and is high up, it's the only way we get some sleep. But, we don't want this to be his routine, don't know what to do.
    phoenix31674 replied to HaveFaith1224's response:
    Right now we've got a problem where he doesn't like to fall asleep in his bed (the bassinet right now, though we will have to move him to the pack and play soon due to how big he is and the fact that putting the crib in our room is going to be too much work.

    Once he's asleep, we find we can move him now and during the night I can put him in his bed as soon as he's done eating. I think you just need to keep trying. When she fusses, put your hands on her and rub her tummy to let her know it's okay. Maybe getting a white noise machine would help her sleep.

    But at just a few days old, my son didn't want to sleep anywhere that wasn't next to me. Took a couple of weeks to get him to sleep in his bed after moving him.
    Wendy12345678 replied to HaveFaith1224's response:
    I completely understand. Its funny though because I really feel like nothing is safe. This being my third, and the other two being fine despite everything I'm starting to re think things. Now drop side cribs aren't safe, and bumpers aren't safe. LOL, my grandma was put in the oven after she was born, and she's now 81 years old! I am paranoid so I really think I'm gonna go buy a firmer, less lumpy mattress next week ( we need one anyway) so I feel he's a little safer, but I think I'm just going to trust my instincts, and what I feel works for my family (namely me LOL).
    B_Marchand responded:
    Thanks all! It's kind of frustrating to bring the cosleeper downstairs every day and back upstairs at night, but we're making some progress... last night she slept about an hour in it, at the start of the night (when I was still awake and willing to rub her tummy for 20 minutes until she fell asleep...) Things I'm willing to do at 11pm but not at 3am..

    Glad to know we're not alone, thanks!!
    ReneeErin replied to B_Marchand's response:
    We honestly struggled until Lily was 3 months old- mostly due to colic. It does get better but it's mostly due to time and practice I think. I did heat up her bed with a heating pad then remove it before I laid her down- that helped. I also switched to fleece sheets in her crib, which helped. We stopped turning down the heat at night too- also helped. Turns out she was mostly cold!!
    JennisBiser responded:
    My boy would not sleep laying down & didn't like to be swaddled. He slept fine if he was snuggled close & a bit upright (as you do when feeding). We were exhausted. Forget the co-sleeper - too much like the crib. We'd lay him down & his eyes would pop open. A foster mom (and RN) that I know who works with special needs / medical needs infants suggested the Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper (around $50).

    It's fairly new on the baby gear market, but it was the best money we spent. A yellow "baby hammock" on a frame keeps his head up, feet up, butt down, pressure on the belly, safety strapped in, perfect height for next to the bed, folds easily, travels well, easy to move from room to room, can be used up to 25 pounds. He's 8 months, 20 pounds now & we still use it for naps. As he got more active & strong, we had to be more careful about tightening the straps, obviously.
    HaveFaith1224 responded:
    How are things going? We have had good nights and bad. I realized that our DS might be cold in his bassinet, so I put some blankets down underneath him and I do put a blanket over his legs and tuck it around him. Last night I was able to put him in the bassinet after every feeding. We've been able to do this about every other night. We're also trying to put him in there for his naps, although right now he's napping next to me in bed! But, were getting there. Still can't put him in the crib, but it's fine for now, we just want him out of our bed...although I must confess that I love sleeping my little boy snuggled next to me and I just LOVE the sight of my little one snuggled on his daddy's chest!
    B_Marchand replied to HaveFaith1224's response:
    We're doing better. She's now sleeping the first half of the night in the co-sleeper. The key seems to be making sure she's COMPLETELY out (limp limbs and everything) before I put her down. Easy to wait her out early in the night, but hard to do at 3am.... We're getting there though!
    lisa_f responded:
    My oldest slept in her car seat for the first couple of months, and so far that seems to be where #2 sleeps the best. I do put her down for her first nap in her bed but I have the boppy around her but with her heat our of the opening so I don't have to worry about her suffocating. I think being in a tight space makes them feel like they are being held. Another thing is with #1 I had a hard time getting her to stay asleep until I read that it takes a baby 20 min to fall into a deep sleep, if I held her for that long after eating I could put her down and she would stay asleep.
    emilymoore682 responded:
    Parents should be educated about risks and benefits of co-sleeping and unsafe co-sleeping practices and should be allowed to make their own informed decision. The co-sleeping: is there a need to share a bed? Find out here:
    emilymoore682 responded:
    Should you let your baby or toddler sleep with you? Some people will tell you a resounding "No!" But we know plenty of parents who do. So why? Some tips and aspects about co-sleeping are here:

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