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    Breathing issues in a 3 month old
    JessHeath posted:
    It seems like my son has been wheezing and congested his whole life and it doesn't just seem this way, it is this way. I don't understand why and my pedi doesn't seem interested. People comment in public "whats wrong with the baby?" "Aww, is you baby sick?" The chiropractor wants to adjust him.....I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that. So I don't think its my imagination. He also coughs and I think he is coughing something up, sounds like it. Its not a ton of nasal congestion, his nose isn't runny. Right now as he is breathing he is sleeping and its sort of a whistle sound when he breathes in. Asthma is very very prevalent in the family, almost everyone in my husbands family has it, I had it during pregnancy and my sister has it, also my daughter has it. I think thats what it is, I just wonder if there could be something else though. He does have reflux and is being treated for that with medication. Any differential diagnoses? I am taking him to a different doctor on Wednesday.
    sarah0323 responded:
    I will tell you that my 3mo is all ready on breathing treatments every 4 hours. She was wheezing before the treatments started. Usually though they don't want to say it is Asthma until they are older. It could be that he is congested/stuffed up. My daughter actually started on saline treatments to help loosen all of the congestion up. Her nose was so stuffed it wasn't running but she couldn't breathe either.

    I did have a child with bad reflux and if I'm remember correctly the ENT did tell me that sometimes bad reflux could mimic some of the sounds of Asthma.

    I'm glad your taking him to get another opinion. Hopefully you will get some answers and can put your mind at ease.
    Wendy12345678 responded:
    My kids had the same sounding issue. Of course I don't want to say don't worry then something be wrong, but I can tell you what happened with us was nothing. My third son is doing the same squeeky sound when he inhales, but now after 2 other kids I know its just his nose. My pedi is great, and told me that babies that have a small nose bridge are noisy breathers because there just isn't much room for the air to enter. My nose is tiny, so he pointed out that I'm where they got there noses from, and I realize I'm a mouth breather because my nose isn't very big. So if you listen and it sounds like its coming from his nose, and if it seems that his nose is on the small side (especially at the top) then this may be the issue and your pedi just isn't explaining it like mine did. You can try feeling of the nose at the bridge and see if you think it could take in much air. This is an issue because babies are nose breathers for a while. If you feel like something is wrong then go to another doctor for sure, but that is why my kids breath really loud (just as babies).
    Cat006 responded:
    heres what i know, dont know if it will help but this is what we had: my LO was born with a soft larynx, otherwise known a s Laryngomalacia. She sort of squeaked when she breathed, and would sometimes sound like there was mucus in the back of her throat, ocasional whistle sounds when breathing too, LOUD squeaks when she cried. basically, Laryngomalacia is when the laryx of an infant is kind of floppy and covers the trachea sometimes, causing the airflow to squeak and sound gurgly sometimes. it gets "worse" as it gets better, meaning the squeaking and mucus noise gets louder before it clears up. the good news is that in almost all cases they condition clears up on its own by the time they are one. she is a little over 3 months now and no longer squeaks. i dont know if this is what your LO has, our family practioner diagnosed it because he had seen it before, its easy to spot (if your a doctor haha). if your doc isnt worried about it then this might be what it is, our doctor told us not to worry and that it would clear up on its own. if you are really concerned i would go see an ear/nose/throat specialist. they can tell you for certain :)
    our LO had a touch of reflux too which has also gotten better. dont know if the two are related?

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