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    Hates tummy time and not rolling. Help!
    MartinaWilliams posted:
    My DD is a little over 3 months and since she was born she hated tummy time. I would put her on her stomach and she would cry as if i am killing her and there are times when she gets so upset that she throws up. I tried putting the boppy or a pillow under her and she still reacts the same way. I tried entertaining her with her fav rattles, talking to her, making faces but nothing works :(

    I read that babies start rolling from tummy to back, I dont know how she will be able to do this if she hates tummy time. Her head control is good though.

    Is there anything I can do to help her enjoy tummy time?
    Is it possible for babies to skip this stage (rolling from front to back)?
    Me (20), Bf (48) and DD,lilja born Nov.30.2010
    eliguns841984 responded:
    I don't have any suggestions but just thought you should know that most babies that young hate tummy time! Both of my kids hate/hated it. DS didn't start to enjoy it until he was closer to 6 months old. He just started out rolling from back to belly first, no big deal. You can still give her as much tummy time as she will tolerate for neck and head strength.
    ReneeErin responded:
    Don't worry about it! Lily didn't get tummy time until after 3 months because she was so colicky. She started to roll around 5 months and is trying to crawl and sitting on her own at just under 6 months. Several babies I know crawled before they rolled. Every baby is different.

    It does help to put baby on the Boppy pillow for tummy time and put a toy in front of and below baby. That was how I got Lily started on tummy time. =)
    GermaphobeTeacher responded:
    One thing you can try, if you haven't already, is to lie flat on your back and put her on her tummy on your chest. We have been doing this with our daughter since she was born, and she has always liked tummy time. It is supposed to help because they can see your face and that is comforting. It is also good for encouraging babies to crawl. Our daughter tries to crawl already, and has been able to move herself short distances, and she is only 9 weeks old. She also has been rolling from her tummy to her back for a few weeks now, but I don't think it matters which way they roll first. She hasn't quite figured out how to drop her shoulder to roll from her back to her tummy yet.
    MartinaWilliams replied to GermaphobeTeacher's response:
    Thank you so much for ur suggestion. I have never tried that before and she is taking well to it. She is all smiles now :) I guess she wanted to be close to me

    Thanks :)
    Me (20), Bf (48) and DD,lilja born Nov.30.2010
    happymoe responded:
    Don't sweat it too much. My DD didn't like tummy time either. She did roll tummy to back at 6w6d, but I think she just wanted to get off her tummy lol. She didn't roll back to front until 6 months, but within a day, she was rolling back to front and sitting up in one motion. At 7 months she's crawling back and forth to each couch and pulling herself to standing EVERYWHERE.

    Doing tummy time on your chest is great, worked for us too to get some in.
    HAILEYNICOLE2007 responded:
    Martina, my DS doesn't like it either, so someone suggested that they lay on their back with your knees in the air and lay the baby on your shins where the baby can look down at you over your knees. My baby loves it!

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