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    Includes Expert Content
    Constant Congestion
    RJsMama posted:
    My baby is almost 7 months and has had congestionsince about 2 months old. I've had him to the doctors a few times and I'm told there is nothing to worry about, it's not in his chest, he could be like this the first year of life, this is very common. Common or not I'm worried. He has a rattle in his throat because he doesn't know to cough to clear it out, and he wakes up from coughing or crazy stuffy. Whay should I do when my pediatrician, who I love and trust, tells me everything is fine?
    Dan Brennan, MD responded:

    I can tell that you are worried about your baby. Although I cannot tell you what is going on, I do suggest that you sit down with your peds and explain what your specific concerns are.

    Often times we may be quick to dismiss something as "normal" without offering a full explanation to a parent.

    I suspect that after a couple of direct quetstions, your ped will be able to offer you more reassurance or start asking you some additional questions.

    Congrats on the new baby!

    Dr. Dan
    jlbwondering35 responded:
    Although my baby is only 1 month old, he is also very congested and has been since birth. It seems to be a lot worse at night when he's been laying flat in his bassinet. I try to use the nasal aspirator at night and help clear some of it but it doesn't do much. My pediatrician also said it's normal and not to be concerned since his lungs are clear.
    rosecole responded:
    My little one will be three weeks tomorrow and he too his congested and has been for about a week and a half. I use the nasal spray and "plunger" to suction out his nose. I also have him sleeping in the bouncer chair in his pack in play to keep him upright to help him breathe.

    My SIL is a peds nurse and she said is sounded like RSV. She said there is nothing you can do for it as it is viral. As long as they are able to eat and are getting enough oxygen there is nothing the doctors can do.
    GermaphobeTeacher responded:
    My daughter was congested quite a bit when she was really little, and we discovered that she was sensitive to perfumes. She would get really bad when my mother in law would hold her while wearing her perfume, which is how we figured it out. I started using the Johnson and Johnson Natural bath products that have the allergy free smell, and we use Tide Free and Clear for the laundry, and she has been so much better. She was sneezing a lot until we switched as well, and now she rarely sneezes. It may not be the case for you, but I thought I would share my experience. I wouldn't have even thought about it if I hadn't noticed that it was worse after she was around strong perfumes and after I used the regular bath products (The regular baby wash in the pink bottle smells so strong!).
    jlbwondering35 replied to rosecole's response:
    Hi rosecole! First of all, congratulations!!!!!! You had your little one about 2 weeks after I had mine! Hope things are going well!

    Interesting about the RSV. My LO has been stuffy since day one...but he's eating and getting plenty of if it is RSV I'll just keep an eye on it. Good to know!
    An_204608 replied to jlbwondering35's response:
    Our DD had RSV when she was 5 weeks old and we spent 5 days at Children's hopstial. It was the scariest thing we've ever been through. If the baby does contract RSV, they will begin to wheeze horribly. It started with our baby being congested and progressed to her having trouble breathing. If you LO is just congested, I would just keep an eye on it. We used a humidifier and had her sleep on an incline because the congestion always was worse at night. Our ped. told us to immediately take her to ER if wheezing occured (and it did). And at that age she was too young to take any meds. At the hospital they really couldn't do much for it other than monitor her oxygen levels, give her oxygen and give her fluids.

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    Nose Frida & Humidifier
    My doctor tol dme the congestion is normal. We put a humidifier in her room and used the Nose Frida (alternative to the bulb). This has ... More
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