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    My 5 week old doesn't sleep during the day!!!
    jlbwondering35 posted:
    My 5 week old pretty much never naps during the day. He'll take 15 minute power naps here and there, but that's it. He also wants to be held constantly, once I put him down he starts to fuss and then that turns into a full blown cry. I've had to start putting him in the Ergo Baby and carry him on me in order to get anything done! It's frustrating b/c he wouldn't latch, so I've been pumping and giving him formula. I'm getting SOOOOO frustrated trying to pump b/c he won't give me 20 minutes to get it done! HELP!!!
    GermaphobeTeacher responded:
    My daughter was like that around that age too. One thing that worked great for me was letting her fall asleep in my arms and then putting her in her Boppy pillow right next to me where I could watch her, and still pump. She loved it because she felt like she was still being held, and I loved it because she would nap long enough for me to pump and eat.
    jlbwondering35 replied to GermaphobeTeacher's response:
    Good advice, thanks! I do hold him to he falls asleep and then put him down to sleep. I'll try the boppy too!
    phoenix31674 responded:
    DS was that way. He just had colic so that he only was happy when held. Thankfully he ate just fine, but I know what you mean about not getting any time for yourself.

    i did use the sling/Baby Bjorn to carry him in the house to get something done, but showering and other stuff for me was hard. around 3 months he grew out of it.

    I did find that he did not like his bassinet at all once he hit about 2.5 months, but even before then he wouldn't nap in it, but would sleep at night. I found that 1. he does not like sleeping on his back at all. He won't sleep on his back and we did side sleeping until he could roll onto his back and since then (around 3 months) I put him down on his tummy. He has very good head control so I didn't worry. I know they say back to sleep, but neither of us was getting sleep that way so I did what he wanted to do. 2. around 3 months I discovered he napped great on our bed when I was lying down feeding him and didn't want to move him once he was asleep (covers removed obviously and the pillows around in case he suddenly rolled over) and I let him do that until around 5 months when I transitioned him to sleeping in the pack n play (we're moving soon and won't be getting DD's big girl bed until then so he can't have the mattress from the crib until then since she prefers sleeping on the mattress on the floor to the toddler bed).

    Believe me, I was desperate when I decided to let him sleep on the bed. He just wanted nothing to do with napping in his bed.

    Good luck.
    kmcarnag responded:
    That's the same age DS was when I decided something had to give. I got a copy of "happiest baby on the block" and read it cover to cover in 1 day. Night 1 I swaddled. He went from sleeping 2-3 hour blocks to 4-5 hour blocks. Night 2 I added static. He started sleeping from 7 pm to 4 am then going back to sleep for another 2.5 hours. By 9 weeks, he was sleeping 7 to 6:30. He has bee a great night time sleeper ever since then. And, when I swaddled him and played static during the day he napped better. Still, not great though. He just wasn't a good napper until he was about 14 months old. We did get him from the 15 min power naps to 45min to 1 hour naps with swaddling and static. He usually took 2-3 of those a day then slept all night like a champ. You will learn to appreciate you evenings. Good luck.
    Ihgirl1066 replied to kmcarnag's response:
    My son was the same way after about 2 weeks hed take maybe 2 20 min naps a day, and would only sleep if held. That went on for a long time, we finally got him to sleep in the crib and finally at around 10 months he usually takes a 2 hour nap. Which a lot of the time it is sleeping on me again after he wakes after 30 min in the crib.

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