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    Heart beating to fast
    beautifulbuffalo posted:
    My daughter is pregnant with her first child. She and her husband are both in the Navy. She went for a Dr. appt. today. She is 5 1/2 months pregnant. The Dr. told her today that her sons heart is beating to fast. The Dr. said an unborn baby girl's heart usually beats faster then a Boys, but her unborn baby boy's heart is beating to fast. They told her to walk for 1/2 hour a day and try and make it a relaxing walk.

    Should we be worried yet?
    tothebeach4 responded:
    Did they tell your daughter what the heartrate was exactly (beats per minute)?
    An_204624 responded:
    It sounds to me like your daughter should find a new doctor. That is crazy! If they really thought that there was something wrong, they should have run more tests instead of telling her to take a walk every day. I would also like to know if they told her the beats per minute. Is it possible that they told her that it was fast for a boy but not concerning, and she just misunderstood?
    beautifulbuffalo replied to tothebeach4's response:
    I can ask?
    beautifulbuffalo replied to An_204624's response:
    No she didn't mis-understand. They said her sons heart is being like a girls heart.

    I'll see if you knows how many beats per minute the heart was at.
    sweetbaby82 replied to beautifulbuffalo's response:
    It sounds like the doctor just made a statement that the babies heart beats fast for a baby boy. In my understanding, it is not always true that girl's hearts beat faster, it is just a generalization. So the fact that the babies heart is beating more closely to that of a girls heart does not sound like a concern to me because there are many variations, but I am not a doctor. I would ask the doctor for clarification by what they meant.
    Baby Boy born 9/8/10! 4 pounds 13 ounces
    GermaphobeTeacher replied to beautifulbuffalo's response:
    From what I learned while in the second trimester community on here, the heartbeat is not really a good indicator of gender. There were several people who said they had boys who had faster heart rates than their girls when they were pregnant. Just because the heart rate seems fast for a boy, doesn't mean it is a problem. Also, just like adults, a baby's heart rate will fluctuate based on how active they are at the time. Maybe he was just jumping around a lot that day. My daughter's heart rate was a little different every time we went to the doctor, and they were never concerned. If the doctor doesn't seem concerned about it, I am sure it is nothing to worry about.
    beautifulbuffalo replied to GermaphobeTeacher's response:
    The heart beat did not tell us the sex of the child. The ultrasound did. He is a boy.

    The babys heart beat now is 168 beats per m inute.

    Something else you all don't know is that there is a birth defect on my husband's side of the family and all men give it to the daughters and it's mild and the women give it to there sons and they have to have surgery at 4, where there breast bone has to be broken and a body cast put on. This is funnel chest and we have done research/genealogy for the past 40 years. Nothing ever changed. So they will be aware of it when the little guy is born.
    An_204625 responded:
    168 is totally in normal range, so odds are the doctor was just remarking that the heartrate is fast for being a boy since their heartrates are typically lower (which is an old wives tale and should not be used to predict gender). Please do not waste another minute worrying about his heartrate. I wish your family and your grandson the best in regards to the other issue.
    tothebeach4 replied to An_204625's response:
    I agree! When I was pregnant with my son (now 15 months) his heart rate was always up around 164/166 bpm, so I think he's probably totally fine.
    GermaphobeTeacher replied to beautifulbuffalo's response:
    Sorry, I must have worded that response wrong. I understand that you know the gender from having an ultrasound. I was just letting you know that a girl's heart doesn't always beat faster than a boy's heart. There have been several studies that showed that there was actually no difference between the sexes. Anything from 110 to 180 beats per minute is considered to be within the normal range, so he is well within normal. The heart rate also varies based on what stage you are in your pregnancy. It peaks in the middle of the pregnancy. I am sure that this is nothing to worry about, but your daughter should follow her doctor's advice.
    Tammi987 responded:
    I don't think you should have been worried about that.
    So what it was beating as a girl's heart? But I am no doctor.
    You should have found a new doctor or ask the old one more questions.
    Is it fine by the way?
    convert flv to mp4
    KBratt responded:
    My OBGYN always told me that there was no correlation between heart rate & gender...I also agree with PP's that if he was concerned he sould have admitted her for more observtion/tests...walking even at a relaxing pace increases your heart rate & can therefore increase the baby's heart rate. So he is either a quack, or it wasn't high enough to be concerned. The walking is good for her anyways, but I am surprised by the dr's response.
    Katie: DH-Ryan, Kelsey 7/4/10
    Ihgirl1066 replied to KBratt's response:
    168 sounds normal to me. My DD HR was slower than my DS HR, if I were her I wouldnt worry about it.

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