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    He's spazzing while he eats!!
    carolinasu8 posted:
    Crying, jerking around, burping a lot, getting red in the face, straining...any thoughts on why? I'm bottle-feeding breast milk, it's fresh and we've checked it several times to make sure it wasn't too hot. My husband thought he might have a sore throat, I checked for thrush and there's no signs. I wondered if maybe it's something I ate. I had that garlic parm crust pizza for Pizza Hut and it was very garlicy (sp?). Could that be making the milk taste bad?
    kay_kay75 responded:
    What you eat can affect the taste of your BM.... that might be it or he might have reflux, if it continues you might want to call your DR.
    heat4heather responded:
    My baby boy does that sometimes (he is 3 months). First I make sure he doesn't have a big burp, which is usually the reason (especially if he arches his back and looks distrassed). SOmetimes he just isn't hungry. And sometimes, I need to swaddle and soothe him before he eats! It seems like the more ge develops, the more he wants to look around and move his little limbs all over the place.

    Maybe try for a good burp, and then try calming him down a little and feeding him in a dark room with white noise. He might be overstimulated.
    Heather (29), Jason (31), new baby Duncan Jay born 5/5/11
    carolinasu8 replied to kay_kay75's response:
    I think it's the garlic for sure...I just went through the milk and smelled it and particularly the ones that I'd heated and tried to feed him and they smelled VERY strongly of garlic, almost an onion smell although I know it's garlic since I haven't eaten onion. Now my question is how much is too much? If I eat something like Doritos that has it in there but not as much as other things would that be ok? Or should it just be cut out in general?
    mommyNtraining replied to carolinasu8's response:
    i definitely would stay away from things that have garlic in the name, such as garlic breadsticks, pizza, pasta and such. sometimes they go over board in that department. just try to eliminate it from your diet for now and maybe introduce it in smaller quantities later.
    fiannakyn replied to mommyNtraining's response:
    I agree with mommyntraining I would assume sense garlic and onion transfer VERY easily to animal milk, that it would do the same in humans. (I grew up on a dairy farm so saw a lot of times where a little wild onion ruined a days milking.)

    Also I had to comment just to make a bad joke- maybe your baby is a vampire? Doesn't like Garlic??!??Hum?? :D
    ok lurker out. ;)
    Vicky DH (34) In process of becoming licensed foster parents. Lurking for research :)

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