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    Includes Expert Content
    Stubborn Already??? Board/Dr. DuMond (my fav!)
    HMJ5678 posted:
    Okay, so Andrew is turning one on Sept. 29th!! He is such a joy and a happy baby. However, he is stubborn! Cries and/or growls when he can't have something he desires!! I was wondering. He sometimes will do this thing where he is busy playing with something or cleaning out my tupper ware cabinet and I can call his name over and over and get NO RESPONSE! Is this just his personality rearing? He turns in response to his name almost all the time, but if he is really busy with something he just FLAT IGNORES me. I hate it. Also, he doesn't take to the camera much either. Just doesn't want to give you his attention to get his picture taken. Am I alone? Normal behavior?

    ~OVER WORRY mom!
    sweetbaby82 responded:
    Hi - yes, very normal as far as the name goes. My baby is one tomorrow : D and is very busy and often has selective hearing.
    Baby Boy born 9/8/10! 4 pounds 13 ounces
    sarah0323 responded:
    Very normal. The selective hearing will get worse as they get older.
    Sarah 32, SO 32, DD1 11, DS1 7, DS2 4, DS3 3, DD2 3 months
    HMJ5678 replied to sarah0323's response:
    Oy vey! He was up to digging in the tupperware again last night. I called him again and GOT NO RESPONSE. I even got on the floor and right near his face, saying his name, and he just kept on with what he was doing and ignored me.

    What a stinker! Prob. thinks I will take away his fun!

    Glad to hear others do this too. I was afraid he couldn't hear me...
    mommyNtraining replied to HMJ5678's response:
    must be a "man" trait.. lol!
    phoenix31674 replied to HMJ5678's response:
    My son, 1 on Oct 4 does the same thing. Of course my daughter 4.5 also has wonderful selective hearing and is horrible about looking at the camera. DS on the other hand when you are taking pictures of him while he's in the house will try to come grab the camera, but when out and about, getting him to look is pretty difficult.
    Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP responded:
    Well, welcome to the MOSK club...."Mothers of Stubborn Kids"! (I am one of the original founding members, by the way.) The other moms here have given you very appropriate feedback about your concern. Your son's lack of attention to your name calling when he is indulged in something that he is very interested in, is absolutely normal. The avoidance of cameras and picture-taking is also very normal for this age. It in no way signals anything more sinister, and it also doesn't have any bearing on whether or not your little guy will be camera-shy or a selective-listener as he gets older. This is simply the way that his stubbornness is rearing it's head at the moment! You're heading into a 2-5 year stage with him, filled with lots and lots of developmental changes. It's funny...we focus so much on all of the obvious developmental changes that occur so rapidly during the first year of a baby's life, but it's really the first birthday that kicks off some of the most head-turning and interesting developmental changes in a child's life. Hold on tightly - it's just getting good!
    Dr. DuMond
    HMJ5678 replied to Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP's response:
    Thanks everyone!

    Dr. DuMond,

    So true! I am astonished how he is changing. He literally goes from not doing something (ie; pointing/walking) to doing it the next hour. It is really incredible.

    I think he is doing really well and in some areas is even above average (saying consistently nearly 10-12 words and some 2-word combinations).

    I am THAT mom that worries myself to death as I have been since he was born. My job shadows my being a mom; I am sure you can relate!

    I am sure he is stubborn (apples don't fall far from every tree he is born of)! He has just been so intense since the day he was born. If he is into something or focused on something others just really don't exist. I hope it is a sign of intelligence and his ability to comprehend and absorb his surroundings.

    So, if you have another minute...jumping on this band wagon...

    Still normal?

    He has a lack of enthusiasm for my coming or leaving. Doesn't really affect him. He just smiles and continues with his activity or sometimes ignores me.

    He also doesn't take interest in other babies same age? He does like kids and loves to watch them (older kids) but same age...No interest. I know parallel play is normal at this age, but other babies will reach out to touch him and look at him, and he just looks away. He just want to move on to whatever he is into in his environment?

    Just curious if this is developmentally appropriate at 11 mo. 2 wk.

    Thanks in advance.
    Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP replied to HMJ5678's response:
    For 11 months, 2 weeks of age, having a vocabulary of 10-12 words and putting two words together is definitely ahead of schedule! You desribe a very intense child, from the day he was born, and in my experience, this translates into very persistent, head-strong toddlers (i.e. "You may be trying to get my attention mommy, fellow baby, etc., but I am really into something else right now, so don't bother me!"). In other words, he's into things when something is really interesting (older kids), but is moving on to the next bigger and better thing, if it's not something so spectacular. This is all completely developmentally appropriate and more a sign of personality and temperment, than a marker for normal vs. abnormal development. Your doctor will take some time during his 1-year check-up, to find out more about his communication style and milestones, so if you have any lingering worries by that time, that visit would be a great time to bring them up. In them meantime, I would offer my reassurance that everything sounds fine. Best of luck to you!
    Dr. DuMond

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