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    Sippy cup suggestion
    earleyml1012 posted:
    I know this is often a popular typic on these boards when our little ones reach the age of transitioning to a sippy cup. With DD#1 we tried many different types of sippy cups before we found one that she liked. However, with DD#2 she took to the first cup we used so I wanted to post it on here. It's an AVENT spout cup. I've never seen these before but I was interested b/c the package stated that it was the best cup for transitioning from a bottle to a sippy and boy were they right!!! Attached is a link for the 9oz sippy cup but they also sell them in a 6oz cup, which is what we started with. I HIGHLY recommend these!
    Jackie03291 responded:
    I will definitely remember those when it is time! I do have a question for you, because I actually asked my husband this last night and he couldn't remember either from our first, so hopefully you can help since you just went through it.

    I was reading a friend's copy of "The first year" book in the five month old section, which my daughter just turned 5 months old, and it was saying that now was the time to start thinking about how you want to start introducing a cup to your child. They were suggesting using regular little cups at first with water, breastmilk or maybe even juice and let them start practing to drink. This sounded crazy to me! I don't remember starting a cup this early with my first who is almost 4 and we haven't even started any real foods yet. We have been giving rice cereal once per day for dinner for the past month, and recently daycare has started her with a lunch time feeding of rice cereal, but like I said, we still haven't even started fruits & veggies yet.

    When did you start introducing any drinks other than breastmilk or formula in a cup?
    Jackie (27) Bryan (36) Ava (10/14/08) Natalie (4/24/12)
    earleyml1012 replied to Jackie03291's response:
    I think 5 months might be a little too early. My DD couldn't even hold a bottle by herself until 7 months, so what's the point of introducing a sippy cup if they can't hold it themselves. We started at 8 months with just water and then around 10 months I started using formula. I started with water first b/c I still felt she needed bottles for her formula. Just this weekend (she's 11 months), we've cut out her lunch and dinner bottles and just used a sippy because by the time she's 1 I want bottles only at bedtime. This is just how I handled it but you could probably start whenever you feel she's ready.
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Moms -

    In addition to these suggestions, here is an article to check out -

    Tips for Weaning Baby From Bottle to Cup

    Let us know how it goes when you start transitioning.

    ~To be a child is to know the joy of living, To have a child is to know the gift of life.~ Author Unknown

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