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    Monday Minutes, Check-In & Frig Failure - November 26, 2012
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Share how you celebrated Thanksgiving and let us know if you braved Black Friday shopping.

    We returned after a GREAT week away to a dead refrigerator! Heading out to buy big black plastic bags and look for a frig. Yikes!!! Have you ever come home from a trip to find disaster?

    Take a minute, check-in and let us know how you and your LO are doing!

    Share your LO's Age and Stats -

    Any Fun Firsts - What's new and exciting?

    Monday Moans - Any new struggles or just something you need to get off your chest?

    What are you going to do for yourself this week? Mommy's need ME Time!
    ~To be a child is to know the joy of living, To have a child is to know the gift of life.~ Author Unknown
    hgreenwood7058 responded:
    Carson will be 8 months old next week and is about 18.5 lb.

    fun firsts: He is constantly pulling himself to stand (on everything!) and is trying very hard to stand by himself. He has also figured out how to climb on things like a box (short wide box) and stairs (thankfully none at our house and MIL said she got a baby gate now).

    Thanksgiving was good. We hosted thankgiving this year in our new house and there were lots of people everywhere. It was good though. I did brave black "thursday/friday". Since its molded into two days now. I went at 8pm and then about 6am. It was a mad house in the first part because too many people were sitting in aisles waiting for the next set of items to be given (for the 10pm event) or they were sitting with their numerous items waiting for the 5 am thing to start (yes even at . But no fights that I know of and everyone got out in one piece. At the 6 am time we went to 3 different places. It wasn't too bad. It was mostly cleared out by the time we got to each of the places.

    Saturday (and part of friday for some) was a bad day. 99% of the people in our house had a bad stomach bug. In addition to our house, my mothers house, my father in law, grandmother in law, grandmothers house, and my aunts house were all sicky from the same bug. THinking that my grandma and cousin/his gf carried the bug and didn't know it to thanksgiving because his daughter was home sick with his mom on thanksgiving. We are thinking they had the bug but just like other viruses/flu/bugs you tend to not have symptoms until 24-48 hours after the fact and thats why its so contagious because you don't realize you have it and passed it along till its too late. My husband ended up in the hospital overnight because he has crohns and it really attacked him including his kidneys. They were expecting him to have to stay a few days but luckily he made a full recovery about 36 hours after the first onset. Glad its mostly gone now.

    Doing for myself this week. Umm shower and wrapping presents if I can find the time. Oh and I have a doctors appt to f/u benign PAC's and PVC's. does that count lol.
    Zaysmama responded:
    Zakiyah will be 12 weeks on friday... its going by so fast

    He has started trying to laugh, he makes small little noises when he tries but hasn't done a full laugh yet, so cute!

    His father got to see him on saturday for a couple hours with me there (first he's seen him in over a month) then I allowed him to see him monday while I was working so he text me yesterday wanting him again and when I told him no, he flipped on me and was threatening to try to take him from me.. I know he can't do it, its just frustrating to deal with and I hate the thought of putting Zak thru that battle!

    Mommy time this week will be with the boys, lol... hoping to get christmas decorating complete! Izayah seems excited to help with that so it should be fun!

    Sorry to hear you came home to a broken fridge, but glad you had a really good get away!
    He had a wonderful Thanksgiving, but I never do the black friday shopping, those people are crazy and I would much rather pay a little more and not have to deal with it, or do the shopping on the internet because most places have the same deals on black friday or "cyber monday" lol...
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
    Sorry to hear your family got the "yuck", especially your husband, hope this doesn't cause a flare!

    Yes, it counts - if you can sit quickly in a waiting room with a magazine. I sometimes welcome the wait!

    ~To be a child is to know the joy of living, To have a child is to know the gift of life.~ Author Unknown
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to Zaysmama's response:
    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving with your boys! I feel the same way about shopping.

    I hate to hear about the battles with Zak's father, hope things can settle into a good routine.

    ~To be a child is to know the joy of living, To have a child is to know the gift of life.~ Author Unknown

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