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    Need to know what is going on
    Hiscountrycowgirl28 posted:
    I have a 5 week old baby and she is formula fed. About a week ago I started to notice she has what I would call stringy poop, she spits up a lot, and the last few days she has started puking quite a bit. She eats 3 ounces every 3-4 hours(sometimes longer in between) but when she eats she will puke like she has overeaten. She has been getting incredibly fussy at night. Crying, screaming, nothing seems to help make her feel better. She is currently on Similac Sensitive because she couldn't keep down the Similac Advanced. I called her doctor Thursday and he told me to try the soy formula, by Friday it was obvious that was worse.. she couldn't eat it at all without getting sick.. so now it is the weekend I can't get an appt until next week possibly later and I just want something to make her feel better... Any advice??
    jziegelbauer responded:
    Hi, my son had a similar problem for the first few months. After trying several alternatives, his pediatrician suggested Enfamil AR. It has some cereal in it so it expands in the stomach not only making it harder to come up but keeping my son full enough to get some sleep. He used to be up for hours and never slept longer than 45 min day and night for 3 months. That formula saved him, I swear by it.
    hgreenwood7058 responded:
    Your baby may also be colicy. All of the symptoms you just described sounds like colic and possibly a sensitvity as well. My cousin had to give her babies goats milk because regular formula as well as soy based formula made them projectile vomit. Have you tried colic tabs? Also, how is she burping? She may have a lot of gas built up as well, gripe water worked better for carson than the gas drops. The gas drops made him puke more. Have you tried changing bottles? Carson puked more with certain bottles. He also was just a puker and that was even on breastmilk (no formula). He just started getting better the last few months and he will be 10 months on thursday. Maybe try changing up the bottle and using gas drops/gripe water or colic tabs. Good luck!
    Hiscountrycowgirl28 replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
    Gripe water does help a lot! She burps good and we have tried several different bottles trying to figure something out. Someone did suggest goats milk to me saying it sounded like milk allergy.. She has a doctor appt tomorrow and I am hoping he figures it out.. If not I will be trying some things myself to see if I can fix the problem.. goats milk will be the first thing I try! And I have thought maybe colic too once I read up on it some but I heard doctors won't diagnose it until it has been going on a long time?? Not sure on that. I know google has said most babies with a milk allergy have a soy allergy as well and that would explain her not being able to drink it either. Really just hoping I know more after tomorrow... but if not I need all the advice I can get. Never had to deal with colic or anything before.
    Hiscountrycowgirl28 replied to jziegelbauer's response:
    I have had a few people that suggested adding a tsp of rice cereal to her bottles.. I have done this and she doesn't throw up when I do, but we still have to problem with her bowel movements being stringy/mucusy looking..
    hgreenwood7058 replied to Hiscountrycowgirl28's response:
    How did the appointment go?
    Hiscountrycowgirl28 replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
    Doctor said everything is fine.. she is gaining weight good so he sees no reason to be concerned or change formulas or anything.. he said everything was normal as long as it doesn't affect growth or weight gain

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