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    Baby always throwing up
    06family posted:
    I have an 8 week old little boy.. he is always throwing up, this morning I fed him 4 oz, first two then burped him and gave him the other two and burped him again, as soon as I sit him down he throws up, to I take him in to change him and as soon as I do the top button on his outfit he throws up all over it again, so I change him again just in time for him to do it again, then I laid him on his belly and he threw up all over his blanket.. I figured by this time he didn't have anything left in his belly so I gave him another 2 oz and burped him again and as soon as I set him down it all comes back up.. this has been going on for probably 6 weeks. the funny thing is when he wakes up in the middle of the night to eat he doesn't do this, only during the day. please help I'm extremely frustrated and it cant be fun for the baby. he is already on zantac for acid reflux and it doesn't seem to be helping. he always has the hiccups too, he has since he was in my wifes belly, probably 5 times a day.
    hgreenwood7058 responded:
    Carson had the hiccups for months and even though he was not formula fed he got sick a lot to. It sounds like your baby may have an allergy to the formula you are feeding him. Have you tried changing the formula?
    mom2aboy3 responded:
    sugguest maybe trying a soy formula or maybe even lactos formula have you tryed enfamil ar ive herd its good for babies with reflux my son too has reflux and ive gone these days my son is on pepcid for his reflus and it works great for most part a formula ive used with my oldest that worked great was gentle ease formula frm enfamil my youngest the one withthe reflux hes on regular enfamil and the meds so he keeps it down for most part but definately think and try a diffrent formula
    scperdomo7 responded:
    Have your discussed this with your child's pedatrician? I've read that children with reflux need to be kept upright for like half an hour after feeding to make sure it stays down.

    It is possible he could have a milk protein allergy, though I would steer clear of soy formula (soy is not good for developing boys), perhaps look into a lactose free formula. Whatever it is, I hope you get it sorted!
    blue_eyes23 responded:
    I COMPLETELY understand where you are coming from. My daughter has the same issues and it gets very frustrating cleaning and changing them all the time. My daughter was put on Zantac as well and I saw that it didnt work. She started prevacid yesterday so I'm hoping today to see a difference. She is also on Nutragimen formula so I'm thinking I may have to change her formula to something else.
    KimNichols62 replied to blue_eyes23's response:
    My 4 1/2 month old grandson is also throwing up multiple times daily and Zantac is keeping away the pain but not the throwing up. Did Prevacid work for your daughter?

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