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    Bottle refusal
    SumBB posted:
    My daughter is 14 weeks old. I have been trying to introduce bottle to her lately but she refuses to take bottle. Sometimes, if a few drops of vitamins D to get her to start the "sucking action". It works, but I don't want to rely on this strategy in the long run. Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas?
    scperdomo7 responded:
    Really, the key is just persistence.
    I had to go back to work after 3 months of leave and so my son was going to need to take a bottle with the nanny. He was exclusively breastfed and did not want to take a bottle at all. We worked with him, and there were a couple of occasions when my mother would watch him for a couple hours and she said he would take a bottle from her, but would never drink very much.

    I didn't have a choice but to send him off and pray for the best. Day one, he seemed to drink just enough to sustain him until I got home to nurse, he drank 8 ounces during the 10 hour period I was gone. Day 2 he drank 12 ounces and finally by day 3 he was drinking the full amount and that's what he drinks now and its been a little over a month.

    We tried several different types of bottles, thinking that was the issue and my nanny went out and bought a bottle that she thought he might like b/c he was having issues and she just wanted him to eat and he took it with no problems - funny thing is, it was the first bottle I had bought that he seemed to hate! So, now he uses those

    You hear people say, "I tried "x" amount of bottles and this is the ONLY one he would take and it was the last one they tried. I am convinced that it isn't necessarily the bottle, but that the baby just finally accepted it and that was the bottle that you happened to land on.

    Anyway, all that to say - persistence. Are you trying to get her to take a bottle because you are going back to work, or just because? Either way, just keep at it, and she will take it eventually. If its because you are going back to work, then you might just have to send her over and let it sort itself out - she wont go hungry, she will eat.

    Anyway, good luck!!
    SumBB replied to scperdomo7's response:
    Thanks so much for your advice. I am going to return to work soon. I'm so nervous that she doesn't take the bottle. I agree that bottle doesn't make a big difference. I am hoping she will accept bottle very soon.
    scperdomo7 replied to SumBB's response:
    You're welcome!
    Don't be nervous, I know that's difficult to say. I was too and it broke my heart to think that he might not be eating enough, but he ate plenty, even if the first couple days he only ate just enough to sustain him until I picked him up and then he would immediately want to nurse.

    But they won't starve themselves. I found that he wouldn't even take a bottle from me (apparently he knows I have the good stuff!) but he would at least give it a shot with my husband. Maybe have someone else trying feeding her with the bottle, and make sure you are nowhere in sight, cause once she catches sight of you, she won't want to take it either.

    Best wishes mama, it'll be okay!
    reb_hun replied to scperdomo7's response:
    are you pumping your breast milk or are you giving him formula. if it's formula then it's because he hasn't had anything else and he would rather have the milk from mommy. i had that problem with my 2nd child. with this baby, he'll tried eating out of the bottle from the get go, i started pumping from when he was 3 weeks old and i just started going back to work a week ago. he's 2 months old today he has never had to have formula and i plan to keep it that way!!

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