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    Acid Reflux
    blue_eyes23 posted:
    My daughter was born 3 weeks early and spent 2 weeks in the hospital. She was on neosure for preemies when she was born. She started spitting up and then it went to throwing it up. She has had diarrhea , consistant crying and gas since she was born. They had changed her to soy and she had a reaction to it. The dr then put her on nutragimen. We have to feed her sitting up and she sleeps in her swing at night. If you lay her flat down she screams like she is in pain. Can anybody give me any hints on what to do please. She has a dr appt in Sept with a GI dr. Until then......
    Allybuechner responded:
    Our son was 10 weeks premature and had problems when he'd start drinking. He needed no oxygen at birth and started breast feeding perfectly at 32 weeks, so they let him go home after just 4 weeks in the NICU (which they told us never happens as they had told us at first not a day earlier than 8 weeks, but he just took off from day one!)

    After a month home he started having apnea like episodes, freaking us out. We had a little device we bought that clipped on his diaper that sensed movement and would vibrate after 8 seconds and alarm after 20 seconds of no movement. When he had several alarms go off I started waiting to wake him up & would check for minute breaths and count to 20 then I'd wake him up & he would gasp and his whole body would jump in shock. So he really wasn't breathing.

    His Dr. Had asked about the problems feeding & I had his bottle & showed her. He did what he did at home, but I hadn't thought of one thing... He threw his shoulders back as he drank, she asked if he always did this & I said wow, I didn't even think about telling you that but he always does, I just never thought it was important. She said its a sign of acid reflux, but she wants to make sure he wasn't still having apnea episodes too. So she admitted him to Children's Hospital.

    His doctor there said the same, propped his bed so he was more upright and started meds for the acid problem.. No problems after that. Dr. Said he had severe acid reflux and in babies they can stop breathing if it gets too painful. Weird, huh?!

    But even with his daily Prilosec, he still couldn't handle formula, we went through them all until it got down to Nutramigen and Alimentum. We were told Nutramigen tasted better so try it first, but he still didn't do good on it so I tried it. He's been on it for 6 months now and we are trying to wean him off now as the $29 a can is pretty pricey! So we are slowly transitioning him back to hopefully just basic milk based formula that's $14 dollars cheaper!!!!

    I thought he'd have to have him go back to Neosure but he's gained so much weight she said he doesn't need it since he's eating now. We switched him to the orally dissolving tablet Prevacid twice daily as the Prilosec was getting harder to get him to take as he gets older as it tastes bad and no flavor they add or stevia make it any better. But I know he still needs it as when I forgot it one day he was right back to the problems.

    Other than this he's been awesome! We feel sooo blessed he's done soo great after being so early! Hope this helps someone later on!!! The biggest lesson that came from this was that even I don't think something's important, still tell the doctor... The shoulders back thing was soo important and we could've never known!

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