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    Diherea and puking
    MarineWife12307 posted:
    My 10 month old son started getting diherea yesterday when he was with the babysitter. then this morning after i got my husband off to work i went in the boys bedroom to check on them and he was throwing up all over his crib. so i bring him downstairs and he contiues to throw up every where. i gave him a bottle of formula, some crackers and pieces of my pizza crust, and a dose of tylenol. he stopped throwing up but he still has diherea and is whinning for no reason. i dont know if i should bring him to the hospital or if i should just wait it out. is there anything i can give him wether it be food or drink or gas ex, to stop the diherea?
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    mgreeny responded:
    Wow. This sounds IDENTICAL to what my 10 month old son just got over. My boy was sick for about 5 days. We took him to the ER because he hadn't eaten anything and wasn't taking fluids real well. We were told that as long as he's having wet diapers just wait it out (they said if he went longer than half a day with a wet diaper would be cause for concern). The key is keeping him hydrated - even if it's only a couple sips here and there - I was told that's good. As long as his mouth is still really moist - that's a good sign. Our son didn't like the flavored pedialyte but when we took him to the ER they had us try the unflavored to make sure he was keeping some fluids down and he liked the unflavored. So it's worth a shot if your out of things to try. But it sounds like your boy is doing well if he kept down a bottle and some bits of pizza crust shortly after puking! Hope this helps!
    MarineWife12307 replied to mgreeny's response:
    it's been about 5 days and he still has diherea. he is hydrated, im always giving him juice. he stopped taking formula at night and only takes people milk. he eats alot of breads because i herd that helps, but still nothing is working. i did bring him to the ER and all they said is whatever im doing is working and then said i would prob have to wait over 2 hours to see an actual doctor. i also gave him pedialyte and he drank that no problem and also gatorade. it just worrys me. im a young (19) first time mother to twins and it's hard with my husband being a Marine and hardly ever home i just want to make sure my kids are healthy and dont want to seem like one of those hypocondratac mothers who think that cuz their kid got a paper cut they have to go to the ER ya no.
    GigiSage replied to MarineWife12307's response:
    You should call his doctor and find out what they want you to do next.
    emily8091457 responded:
    Well it's good that he's staying hydrated... however I would recommend that you don't give him juice (unless that's ALL he'll take) because it can act as a diarrhetic and just cause more diarrhea. The Pedilite (sp?) and Gatorade (watered down a little) would be better. It keeps them hydrated and doesn't cause the diarrhea to become worse. And with tummy troubles, you can try the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Apples and Toast). These foods can help to bind things up some... which is weird because apple juice is a GREAT way to get the poop going if they're stopped up... but apparently actual apples (applesauce) have the opposite effect. Anyway... he likely has a tummy bug and that can last a week or so. If he's got a high fever and the diarrhea continues passed that... I'd for sure take him in to be seen. If it were me... I'd pry at least call anyway to see if they have an recommendations for you or if they want to take a look at him now. Hope he's feeling better soon!

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