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    "Natural" Family Planning
    MontanaMama2009 posted:
    I used birth control pills the first year we were married. I suffered nausea and tummy aches, and my GYN must've switched my bc pill brands several times, eventually giving me Low-Estrol, the lowest possible dose.

    I've been married 16 years, and only used bc pills one year out of the time.

    We used the "natural" methods for birth control.
    Natural Family Planning
    The idea behind natural family planning is very simple. A woman is fertile for only about 100 to 120 hours during a month. Let's call this time period the "window of fertility." By avoiding sexual intimacy during the window of fertility, pregnancy can be avoided. This method can also help achieve pregnancy by understanding the fertility cycle better and learning when the probability of concieving is highest. The question that various natural family planning methods are trying to answer is "How do I determine exactly when the window of fertility starts and ends?" If the window could be determined with 100% accuracy, then natural family planning would be a nearly perfect birth control method. However, the window can only be estimated (estimated though with high probability). To determine the window of fertility, these methods use such things as temperature, mucus, and cervical changes.

    Had a boo-boo only once...that was with middle dd. I must've dug my spurs in, my husband jokes. But we wanted a second child anyway. Just weren't trying, kwim? So it was a joy to see that positive sign on the pee stick.

    Have you or DO you use natural birth control methods?

    DH had a vasectomy when I was 6 months pg with No. 3. We knew we were done.
    ukbluegirl02 responded:
    Yes we are Catholic. NFP is the only acceptable method of birth control in our religion.

    Each of our 3 DCs were planned. Now that we kind of think maybe 3's enough, I'm anxious to see how well we do with NFP.

    I actually downloaded an app for my phone to track it all once I stop nursing.
    ukbluegirl02 replied to ukbluegirl02's response:
    Oh yeah, I'm really impressed that it worked so well for you and your DH Kim! :-)
    jlcohen78 responded:
    Our natural family planning at the moment is having DD sleep in our bed. LMBO!

    Ok, in all seriousness. I hated being on BC. It killed my sex drive for starters. And I was horrible at remembering to take it.
    NicoleCoy01 responded:
    I've been married 3 years in June and have never been on BC since we were married. I've had 1 pregnancy (my DD). We don't use condoms either. We have (TMI) done the pull out and pray method but only twice. Once a few months before we got married and once when DD was 5 months old LOL. I suppose we are just never DTD during my fertile time. We are currently TTC. My last AF was April 17 and so far no sign of her coming this month. I did take a test this past weekend and it was BFN :( So I guess better luck next time. I don't have the patience nor do I want to chart my temp and stuff like that. I just figure its gotta happen eventually. No BC and I've had a normal pregnancy so in time.
    katieb426 responded:
    We did this method (sort of). I went off the pill when we were married about a year. I hated it. It was 2 years before we got pregnant with our first. We wanted to get pregnant soon after with our second and we did.

    I started getting more serious after the first 2 kids about watching my cycles closely. Well...oops...I ovulated earlier than I thought I would and #3 was on the way!

    We waited to really "try" for #4 until #3 was a year old. We got pregnant soon after, had a miscarriage, then got pregnant with Lilly one cycle after that.

    We were both MORE than done with tracking cycles and going through the roller coaster of emotions, so DH got a vasectomy. Of course, he never went back in to make sure it worked, but I guess it did since we have actually gone 2 years without getting pregnant!
    KCAimee responded:
    I too have grown to hate BCP's! I really hate putting artificial hormones into my body. Luckily I have no real side effects it's just the idea of artificial hormones that icks me out. However, I have PCOS so BCP's are my friend :) Without them I have horrible cramping and will go 4-6 months between cycles (going more than 3 months between cycles increases your risk for ovarian cancer). I will also tend to put on weight. So the BCP's help regulate my PCOS. All that said, once we have #3 in the future I want to try to avoid going back on BCP's. We'll see how it goes.

    There is also the 2 day method of family planning. You just measure your cervical secretions. If you were "wet" in the last 2 days you could be fertile so you avoid DTD or use condoms. If you have been "dry" for the last 2 days you are safe and should not be fertile. Here is more info:

    I was thinking of giving this a shot because I can't chart or do normal NFP because my cycles are wacky.
    RunninMama responded:
    I used BCP more years than I care to admit. My body took to them very well, and they helped immensely with the terrible cramps I used to get. I stopped using them when we decided to TTC. A year later, I finally got pregnant. I don't know if it was due to the BCP for so many years (I know they say they should be out of your system in ~3 months, but...) that I had a difficult time getting pregnant, but I personally think it was at least a factor.

    I never wanted/want to use BCP again (same thought as others, I hate the idea of artifical hormones in my body), so DH got a vasectomy. He had to be tested twice afterward, because the first time he still had swimmers, but all is well now!

    Aside from that, though, I do follow my cycle to know when I'm (supposed to be) ovulating. I don't chart or anything; just watch for CM. I don't need to know when it's happening, but I want to know. I guess it's part of being a woman and embracing what my body can do.
    KatieS83 responded:
    We tried NFP, sadly though my syscles must be more messed up then we ever imagined cuz here comes #2 (we were also using other things at the same time to TRY to prevent pg).
    I was on and off the pill since i was 16 (i'm 26 going on 27). The issues i had with the pill was killer migraines, the Depo shot is pure evil (3 months of a constant migraine) it was awful! I am getting my tubes tied after #2, and we will hope for the best, i will most likely keep an eye on my cycles as soon as they regulate again.
    ukbluegirl02 replied to KatieS83's response:
    Once again I just want to thank you ladies for being so honest and open minded. This board really makes me happy. While some of the things I can't embrace yet, I find them all very interesting.

    I have been attacked before on other boards for my NFP beliefs. It was very disheartening.

    Thanks again ladies!!!
    KCAimee replied to ukbluegirl02's response:
    I too love this board! I feel really at home here. I don't practice or "agree" (not really the right word but I'll use it anyway!) with some things but I enjoy reading about it and learning more.

    That is too bad you've been attacked for your NFP beliefs! I may not feel the same way as others about the reason for doing it but I respect everyone's wishes.

    My OB is now only advocating NFP. He will no longer perform tubals or prescibe BCP's due to his Catholic beliefs. He has always been Catholic so I'm not sure why all of a sudden he stopped but he did. Now....he will refer his patients who need those things to the other dr in his practice so if you want BCP or a tubal he will make sure you get it from her but he will not do it. I respect his convictions on this. He did prescribe the BCP to me since it is for my PCOS though.
    ariannasmommy1125 replied to KCAimee's response:
    I agree with you about BCP for PCOS. I hate the hormones but they are a necessary evil sometimes. I haven't had a cycle since December but we are TTC so no BCP right now.

    I think NFP is awesome. Sure slip ups happen sometimes but they do with other forms of BC also! I think NFP makes you be more aware of what is going on with your body and that is a great thing. I took a class on it a few years ago with a couple of my friends. It was really interesting and she also included things like herbs for making heavy cycles easier and regulating cycles. I will try to find her website and post in here in case anybody is interested!
    jlcohen78 responded:
    I really am interested in practicing this. Does anyone have a book or website that they recommend?

    I'm slightly nervous about practicing it though because my cycle is still off because of bf-ing. How hard would it be to practice this method because of that? My last cycle was 2 1/2 months ago. And for the record, there is NO way possible that I'm pregnant because you need to actually have sex for that to happen. ;)
    MontanaMama2009 replied to jlcohen78's response:

    Those cyclebeads look super cool!
    MontanaMama2009 replied to ukbluegirl02's response:

    I believe more along the lines of your beliefs. I would've had more children if my DH were on board with a lot of the same philosphy. However, he's 3 is it.

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