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    7 days without a post?
    stephs_3_kidz posted:
    What happened to this forum?
    Jackie03291 responded:
    I think a private one was created to kind of replace this one. There were a lot of arguments taking place between some people, so it is rarely used anymore. I don't know the link for the private one so if you're interested, hopefully someone else will see this and send you an invitation. I wasn't really interested in joining the new one.
    leftcoastgirl responded:
    Yeah, I think everyone moved over to the new board. I think you need to provide your e-mail address to join, and I'm not too keen on that. (Plus, I set up a temporary e-mail address to establish my webmd account, and I don't think it's even active anymore.)

    I believe the new board is more narrowly focused on green / eco parenting. This board was more general. I followed it because a lot of the moms here practiced Attachment Parenting .
    jlc78 responded:
    I miss the way it was. The new eco board is more about green/eco parenting. There's some AP stuff but not as much as here. And while there is more activity on that board, it's not a whole lot either. I've been hanging out on the age-appropriate parenting boards mostly.
    Me (31) DH (33) and our 2 beautiful babes DS (6/07) and DD (9/08)
    daisy729 replied to jlc78's response:
    I do too.

    Maybe now that drama has settled down, that more people will start to post again. I think people get irritated and need to get away for a while. Although, each time this happens, we lose one or two people.
    stephs_3_kidz responded:
    Hmm..Well, if I may be so bold as to give my honest opinion..

    I think creating a new ~private~ board to avoid drama is sort of silly. (sorry, JMHO). I did read some of what went on but in all honesty I can't even remember what all was said now!

    But picking and choosing who is allowed to participate won't stop drama. jmo So I don't think I want to join the other board, either, based on that. Eventually it will seep into the private board, too, it's just a given.

    Of course, this is all just how I view it. Others might (and probably do) see it differently. But I do remember that this board was created to cut back on drama, too, originally.....Just some food for thought.
    Jen_FLMom replied to stephs_3_kidz's response:
    I think you make some good points but I am pretty sure the main reason the board was created was to keep out a small number of posters who needlessly attacked almost every post a certain member made for no other reason than to just be nasty. By not inviting them to join the members-only board it eliminated the problem. I agree that there is still potential for disagreements that can get pretty heated on that board as well but the pointless, mean attacks that are sometimes hidden behind anonymous posts have not taken place here or on that board since it was created.
    katieb426 replied to stephs_3_kidz's response:
    I agree with you Steph. I am sad to see so many good posters leave to a private board. But I am not interested in joining either. I pretty much stay away from posts that are obviously trying to provoke people and do my best to comment only when I have something helpful to add.

    I don't often post on this board because lots of the posts have been new information to me, but I do read a lot to see if there is anything interesting to me and my lifestyle.

    Well.....maybe things will pick up again......maybe not. But I'll still be looking for helpful information!
    roni090909 replied to stephs_3_kidz's response:
    This board was pretty much ruined by several people that had no interest in the more natural side of parenting or life in general. They were just here to create drama. Which is very sad. This board was full of lots of interesting ideas.

    I have no problems joining a private board if it makes for a better experience. All the personal attacks get very old after a while.
    Me (30) DH (37) DS 10/20/08 New Baby Girl EDD 11/11
    sarahann1978 replied to roni090909's response:
    I think the issue for me with a private board is how do you keep it going? If anyone new comes to WebMD they don't know about the private board or who to contact to be invited. That to me is the whole point of a public forum, to get advice and opinions from many people. And yes, you may have a good group now in the private forum, and if that is enough to keep it going then great. I too do not wish to join because I already follow three active groups and I am drawing the line.

    And there will always be the troll types who just want attention. If everyone who is here for the good of the group would just realize that the trolls do not really know them and their comments mean nothing, hit "report this post", resist the temptation to argue back, and then just move on we would be fine.
    Sarah (31), DH(29), DS (Jan. 09)
    gemini5324 replied to stephs_3_kidz's response:
    I agree completely. I dislike the idea of private boards- especially when it was being advertised here as a "better" place to be. I am not a fan of leaving people out & really not a fan of letting people know they are going to be left out.

    Drama is everywhere. You can choose to participate in it or not.

    I like this board. I like ecoparenting & some of the ideas that I got here. I even *gasp* like some of the differing opinions. Oh well. I will keep posting here & I hope other people will as well.
    Megan, Kevin, Gabe
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Any community is what you all make of it.

    Now that things have quieted down (and it doesn't really matter the reasons), you all have the opportunity to start rebuilding it again. :-)

    Avoid the drama, avoid rehashing and it can be a great community once again.

    (And use that Report This link beneath any post you feel violates our Terms and Conditions. One of the problems on many of our member-created communities in which our moderating team does not routinely look in, like this one, is too often no one will report a problem until it's many hours old or a day old and, instead, jump into the fray. Report and move on, ignoring the drama, letting the mods take care of anything reported if need be, and it can really work. :-) )
    daisy729 responded:
    An internet troll is ...

    troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online dicussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. )

    Is it a particularly nice word, no, but just wanted to actually define what an internet troll is. I have another message board I go to, totally unrelated to parenting. People will post stuff just to tork people and get an arguement starting. So, usually the next post after it is, don't feed the troll.

    Again, may not be the nicest of words, but that is the 'technical' definition of the word.
    sarahaguirre replied to daisy729's response:
    Nice to know thanks.
    daisy729 replied to daisy729's response:
    I've got fat fingers today. It should have said... I'm sure a close eye is being kept.

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