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    Do YOU sleep through the night?
    leftcoastgirl posted:
    The sleeping-through-the-night discussion from last week got me thinking about this. I'm curious what everyone's normal, pre-baby sleep habits are.

    For me, I can remember maybe a handful of times in my life that I've actually fallen asleep and stayed asleep until it was time to get up in the morning. It just doesn't happen for me. According to my mom, I was a champion sleeper as a baby - slept in the crib without any trouble, and slept for long periods from very early on without any need for sleep training. But, as long as I can remember (as a kid, teenager and adult), I ALWAYS wake up once or twice a night and usually get out of bed at least once.

    Maybe that's why it doesn't bother me to let DD sleep on her own schedule? She still wakes at night sometimes, but I can't say I ever feel tired during the day.

    What about everyone else???
    ariannasmommy1125 responded:
    I am a very light sleeper so I always wake up a few times a night. I try not to get out of bed unless it is to go to the bathroom because if I do I won't be able to go back to sleep for a long time.

    DD sleeps pretty well once we get her to sleep but she still likes to be held while she goes to sleep (not at daycare, only at night) so sometimes getting her to sleep is a problem. She gets up sometimes during the night but usually just comes & climbs in the bed with us and goes right back to sleep.
    roni090909 responded:
    To me this kind of comes back to what do you mean by sleeping through the night? I would say yes I sleep through the night. The only time I wake up is go to the bathroom. I get up, go and put myself back to sleep. DS doesn't have to worry about going potty, he is still in diapers. I know he wakes up every now and then but that doesn't mean that I need to go up there and interact with him. When I wake up I don't expect or want anyone to interact with me. When I think about it this way. I don't think its really asking too much for DS to sleep or not bother me through out the night unless he really needs me. I don't really expect him to stay in a solid sleep for 11 hours in a row. I can't remember the last time I did that.
    Me (30) DH (37) DS 10/20/08 New Baby Girl EDD 11/11
    MontanaMama2009 responded:
    No, I don't sleep through the night. When I actually do, I'm amazed.

    I'm up because I have to use the bathroom, or I'm up because I'm thinking of things, or I'm up because a loud car drove past our window (we live on a city street), or the moon is full and my sleep cycle is off.

    I like to sleep about 9 hours a night, from 9:30 to 6:30. But that doesn't mean I'm really sleeping those full 9 hours, no. Because, as i said, I'm up at times most every night.

    Seems to me the older I get, the less I'm able to sleep through stretches of time. But I think that's all normal.

    And also, the more fresh air and exericise I get, the better I sleep.
    Me, DH of 16 years, DD1 (15yo), DD2 (10yo), DD3 (nearly 2), a labrador, a tabby cat, a lop-eared bunny, and goldfish! Life is grand!
    katieb426 responded:
    I can definitely sleep through the night. But it is getting more rare when it happens. My hips start hurting and it wakes me up, DH is up at 4:30am and sometimes it wakes me up, etc.

    However, if I'm tired enough I'll sleep right through until the alarm goes off. Sooo nice...
    cheeezie25 responded:
    Before I was pregnant with DS, I was an awesome sleeper. I could easily sleep for 10 hours straight on a weekend, and having to wake up at a set time in the morning was always difficult for me, even though I had to do it 5 days a week. I would normally set the alarm 30-60 minutes before I had to get out of bed just so I could get out the door in the morning on time.

    Now that almost never happens. I think I have just become such a light sleeper since he was born, because I trained myself to never be in too deep a sleep just in case I need to wake up and tend to him. Now DS sleeps through the night for the most part, but he will still randomly yelp in his sleep loud enough that it wakes me up on the monitor. Even when he is staying at my MIL's for the night, I still usually get up once or twice to go to the bathroom, or other random things (noises, dry throat, etc.) will just wake me up more easily. I think there have been a few times when I slept straight through the night without interruption for at least 8 hours, but it is not the norm.

    I also can't sleep past 9am even if I try, and up until this past month, that time was probably more like 7:30 or 8. I think this has coincided with DS's discovery of the joy of "sleeping in" since starting daycare. I guess it is just the start of his avoidance to beginning the daily grind lol
    jlc78 responded:
    I was a SOUND sleeper prior to having kids. Then DS came along and even though I slept good, it wasn't as sound as before. After DD started having siezures, things really changed. I have such a hard time sleeping anymore. My mind wanders and I wake up to the slightest sound. I honestly don't feel rested at all most mornings.
    Me (31) DH (33) and our 2 beautiful babes DS (6/07) and DD (9/08)
    NicoleCoy01 responded:
    Prior to having my DD I could easily sleep 10, 11 maybe 12 hours just fine. I have always woke up atleast once a night to go potty, sometimes to get a drink but occasionally I would sleep straight through. When my DD was 11 days old (Valentines Day 2009) I was totally and utterly exhausted! My DH took care of her in the night and I slept from 10-5:30 straight, didn't even wake up when he fed her with the lights on in the same room with me! It was the best sleep I had for a long time, and its the longest stretch of good sleep I have had since having DD LOL. My DD was waking up 2-3 times a night but this past Friday I started to try and comfort her instead of giving her milk in the night, anyways she has been sleep much better and only getting milk around 5:30 in the morning and I am still waking up more then her in the night but I agree with leftcoastgirl that I don't feel tired in the day!
    Me-Nicole (28) Hubby-David (29) Our little beauty Savana (19 months born 02-03-09)
    sarahann1978 responded:
    I used to sleep so soundly all night. I would pretty much never wake up and could sleep through thunderstorms and other noisy things.

    When I was pregnant it became hard to sleep because I was always uncomfortable and when I would finally fall asleep DH would wake me up trying to get me to stop snoring, ugh!

    Now I am pretty much back to sleeping through the night. Sometimes I wake up at about 3:00am, but if I do I usually just go back to sleep. I never really get up even if I wake up, if I did and my feet got cold I would have a hard time going back to sleep.
    Sarah (31), DH(29), DS (Jan. 09)

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