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    Ever thought of raising your own chickens?
    MontanaMama2009 posted:
    They're not expensive to raise.

    Great-tasting and FRESH eggs right at your doorstep

    Their poop makes great fertilizer for your gardens

    Your children will learn where eggs come from first-hand. Not from a Sesame Street book. LOL

    Fresh poultry meat! Slaughtering and plucking, I'm told, isn't THAT bad.

    Design an adorable chicken coop!

    Take the Poll

    Every thought of raising your own chickens? You CAN, even if you live an urban lifestyle!
    • I already do! Love it!
    • I'm interested quit a bit!
    • I'm slightly interested.
    • No way, Jose.
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    magsnemma responded:
    I think my bird dog lab would DIE! She would spend all of her time trying to get into the coop and probably stress the birds out to the point of death.

    We lived on a farm when she was a puppy, and her bird catching count was 2 pheasants and a chicken. One of the pheasants was an ornamental pheasant, bright red. We picked those feathers up for days!

    Plus, I live in eyesight of a casino (I live in LV) and it just seems weird to mix those two. lol
    MontanaMama2009 replied to magsnemma's response:
    There's a replica of a european cathedral a few blocks away on one side, and a dry cleaning place the other, LOL.

    I hear ya!
    daisy729 responded:
    I said no way, only because I'm deathly afraid of birds. I would have a panic attack everytime I went in my backyard.

    However, I do have 2 friends who have their own chickens. One is just outside downtown Phoenix. And the other is in Seattle. They love having their own fresh eggs. They also have kids, so it teaches the kids about animals and food.

    But, I couldn't do it.
    KCAimee responded:
    I said no way. WE have a mixed breed hunting dog who loves to try to kill things in our backyard. I don't think the chickens would make it, LOL! Plus, I'm not sure it's legal in my city. I'd have to check on that though.

    That said, I would love to to find a farmer to provide those things for me, LOL!
    AWoods1985 responded:
    I said no way. I would never be able to......kill it and then eat it. NO WAY!!! Not after seeing it in my back yard and taking care of it for so long. My MIL and FIL have a semi farm. They have more horses than anything, but they have chickens that run around out their and they get fresh eggs everyday.The chickens make so many eggs she takes them to work and sell them to people. IDK I am wierd about things like that, I would never be able to raise anything and then kill it and eat it. JMO

    bella0715 responded:
    We used to have chickens a few summers ago and loved getting the fresh eggs. They ended up being louder than we thought they would be (even hens are loud) so we got rid of them. I'm thinking of getting more this summer and paying off the neighbors with eggs We already have somewhat of an aviary in the backyard anyhow with falcons, pigeons and hungarian partridge so why not right?
    MontanaMama2009 replied to bella0715's response:
    Did you have the rooster, too?

    Or JUST chickens?
    bella0715 replied to MontanaMama2009's response:
    Just the hen rooster! We thought they would be quiet, but they do make some noise. Jack would absolutely love them..he's a bird kid through and through like his Daddy.
    RunninMama responded:
    I'm slightly interested. I could never slaughter one, though. I get attached to animals too easily. I'm sure they'd all have names within the first five minutes of living here. There's no way I could take little Maribelle out behind the wood shed and take an ax to her (or however they do it). BUT! I'd love to have fresh, organic eggs without running to the grocery store for them.
    wxbuny replied to RunninMama's response:
    Runninmama you took the words right out of my mouth! I actually said to DH the other day that I want to have chickens when we get a house. HOWEVER they would be for eggs only. I couldn't slaughter Maribelle either! I can't even kill a bug, I just take them outside. I could control what they eat and make sure that they are healthy. DH's parents always gave us eggs. DH said it's super easy to care for them too.
    MontanaMama2009 replied to RunninMama's response:
    We had a couple of chickens when we lived in the country at the general store. They were giveaways.

    Poor things were so old they didn't even lay eggs. We just fed them every day...and played with them...and named them.

    One was named Henrietta. She got half-eaten by a fox. My girls bawled.

    the rooster was called "the General." He was big and proud with a puffed out chest, like a great, magnificent military general.

    He flew away. Guess he didn't get much pleasure out of the old hens we had for him, LOL.

    After that, we learned to not just put sides on the chix coop but a lid too.
    MontanaMama2009 responded:
    Check out this neat current article:
    DidiToo responded:
    Thought you might like this article as well:
    MontanaMama2009 replied to DidiToo's response:
    That was really, really interesting.

    I liked the part about it being the new "pet." Kind of. LOL

    I didn't realize eggs were seasonal items in a grocery store up until the 1930s!

    Great article! Thanks for sharing. Looks like I'm almost ready to jump onto that chicken train, myself!

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